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    Somebody please straighten me out. I get myself confused. Each switch machine has terminals numbered 1 to 8. Which is the proper way of looking at the machine for the terminals to be in the correct sequence? Is the wire and the fulcrum side considered to be the front? Thank you! I'm getting too old, ugh!

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    They are numbered from left to right in this view.


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      Oh,Gosh, I never saw the numbers!Thanks!


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        I have plenty of them also but never new they were number either

        Thanks Mark


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          Numbers 1 and 8 are for power to the Tortoise motor itself. Numbers 2 and 3 are the contacts for output number 4. Numbers 6 and 7 are the contacts for output number 5.

          There is not front or back as far as I am concerned. I install them whichever way I need to. If the unit doesn't throw the direction you want, just reverse the 1 and 8 wires.

          Don't count on the relays for powering the frog. For me, they worked for a while and then stopped working. I first replaced them with micro-switches attached to the Tortoise but when I rebuilt my layout I used Tam Valley Frog Juicers instead. Half the cost of replacing the Tortoise itself when bought in bulk.



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            Using a connector between the tortoise and your harness is helpful. It's make maintaining them easier, and if you either it backwards, just flip the connector.

            Of course, it raises the cost per turnout by about three bucks. To me worth it. Installing them in everyone one so far.
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