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    Good morning all! Great looking day ahead, 65 and sunny here in N.E. Indiana. The coffee dispensing apparatus is in operation with Getoffyurduff blend today. The special is buckwheat pancakes and smokie links, the syrup is in that small container in the brunch box. Plasticware is non-returnable. You can clean them up and repurpose them for whatever you want. Cold diet pop and water in the PITA parking spot.

    I spent quite a bit of time on a scenery project. It was a 1:1 project, relaying patio bricks that had shifted over the winter months. I'm "feelin it" this morning. The supervisor has more projects in mind this morning for me. It felt good to get out and change the pace of the past few weeks. The to do list is long enough for any crew member that wants to show up, can. Just bring a mask, gloves, a full body prophylactic, and a cheery attitude.

    Enough of this nonsense. Take 2 and hit to right.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim thanks for opening no breakfast for me today ditto on the weather here in SE Ohio I mowed again yesterday afternoon. Today I'm going for a bike ride then it's what ever

    strike my fancy not much in the mood for trains??

    Have a good day stay safe



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      Good morning Jim and incoming Crew. Dreary overcast in So. Wisconsin where the high between raindrops should be 56f degrees. It is 54 right now and not a nice looking day. There will be no tilling today, yesterday tilling was easy as it has been a twice yearly thing for 3 years but of course Terry wants to expand, I keep asking aren’t the greenhouses enough? I don’t understand the weird look and the sly grin I got!

      Please no talk of Fast food places, Terry read the forum last night and decided we had to go get a shake and McFlurry and who was I to say no.

      Jim thanks for getting us going and having the PITA area and the box full of breakfast. I will skip the box as it is smoothie day for me as I approach a 20# lost since 3/8/2020. Starting Monday I will be eliminating the diet pops and that will be tough. The realtor is having a open house by appointment tomorrow for the new house and has 5 couples signed up already. There will be no viewing of this place because we live here and are practicing social distancing.



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        Sun and 50 degrees in central Ohio. Mowed yesterday.


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          Good morning, Jim and crew. We're having the same weather as Indiana and Ohio here in Tidewater Virginia. A good day for a walk around the neighborhood. There are a couple houses under construction and being a card carrying old fart, I need to periodically check on their progress.

          Jim, I have all the required gear, but I'm a little short on the attitude, so I think I'll confine my activities to a local honey-do list.

          Have a good day.

          "Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect." Captain A. G. Lamplugh


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            Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is sunny and 38 degrees here in SE Michigan.

            We took our mile walk yesterday and found ourselves singing Don Williams songs - off key and out of sync, of course. Today on our walk we might try Willie Nelson.

            I continued working on the oil derrick and will do more today.

            Have a great day!


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              Good morning, Jim & crew. The NH seacoast has seen more than an inch of rain from yesterday, but they say that will end this morning. Clouds will continue till Sunday, though. No chores today, no convention work to do till more layout owners get me pictures and descriptions, so it's hobby time. Minuteman says they're still shipping, so a little while buying Scalecoat. Then off to the attic, potentially distracted if my Rix order arrives.


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                Mornin' All!

                46, headed for 59 and another day with actual sunshine here in the northern mitten! Two clear nights in a row, and two celestial morale-building sights in two days!

                Wednesday night it was the ISS transit against a crystal-clear night sky... very cool. Last night the moon set over the Bay, reflecting into the bedroom with a lovely orange color as the atmosphere affected the reflected sunlight. That was just after four this morning, and, well... I'm an Old Guy. You work the math.

                Jim thanks for the coffee! I may find that blend useful today. Seems like either an invitation or an order... I'm not sure which, but it might work.

                For now, though, there are bills to pay, and.... Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!


                in Michigan

                Go wash those hands!!! [:-bigmouth]


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                  Sunny here, temp to go 60 today as it did yesterday.

                  Made myself an Sausage Egg and Cheese muffin this morning with a small side of hash browns. So full my achy a$$ body from working on taking off the EZ on/off snowblower is refusing to do much so far. I’ll try to finish it up. No trips to McD or BK or DQ, the new player in town, planned for today.

                  While you’re “on the Road Again” with Willie the walk should be good today, Bruce. Here it’s “You are my Sunshine”. Just hope that Peggy Lee stays out of our play list for the day.

                  George, no house construction going on here. Local TV website had a full #1 story where the Prosecuting Atty send the sheriff out to run a home builder off of a job site N of Grand Rapids and made it clear that there would be consequences if work resumed. Bodes well, NOT, for our UP project.

                  Our politically charged “Girl from Michigan” gave a most pessimistic and totally hypocritical talk on TV last night. She who has scorched to Fed Gov’t for not having a total National Process in place for the emergency went to great lengths to explain why she is NOT giving blanket Statewide orders on how schools systems should conduct themselves in the emergency but should make their own decisions on an individual basis. Ok, that’s enuf

                  Outside a bit and will also do some workbench stuff. Thawing out some Rib Eye steaks to work up for dinner tonight on the grill. My morning feast should last until then. If I do. That EZ off snow blower may kill me in the meantime. With this stuff going on I can’t recruit any able bodied help, my son has been working in and out of Lansing, a little hotter zone than I, and he like, is not a good candidate for helping right now.

                  Be well. Have a safe day.
                  Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                  Cedar Swamp
                  SW of Manistique, MI

                  Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                    Originally posted by k9wrangler

                    That EZ off snow blower may kill me in the meantime.

                    Karl, my snow blower really is EZ Off a little hard to put on. But the real killer is mounting the mowing deck underneath. I have to be careful to keep the garage doors closed while I work on mounting the mower so that the 'blue cloud of expletives' doesn't offend my neighbors.

                    As for our daily sing-a-long for our walk, I've got Roger Miller's "King of the Road" stuck in my mind now. :erm:


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                      If Terry and I sang on our daily walks, the woodland creatures would gang up on us. Neither of us can carry a tune and yet we have a former very fine musician for son.