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    Good morning from S.E. Michigan where it is 40 degrees under cloudy skies. Breakfast today is packaged in individual boxes, and set out under the shed for pick up. The contents are a surprise as we took the opportunity to clear out the fridge and panty of 'soon to expire' supplies.

    It looks like mandatory modeling and relaxing time will be extended thru the end of April, so let's make the most of it!

    Share your progress here on the Forum.

    Have a great day!


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    Fried up some sliced ham left over from the ham we cooked on Sat. and had that on a bagel. Food is not a problem except our son sort of moved in due to starting a new job.....


    mandatory modeling and relaxing time

    Building at a pretty good clip causing a bit of a stack up at the painting stage due to a shortage in white paint and it also being too cool to set up outside. Maybe soon.

    Relaxing time? There's nothing on TV worth wasting or aggravating the electrons.

    Am running low on my stack of library books; guess it might be getting close to article writing time,
    In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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      Thanks Bruce for opening and I will continue my light breakfast fare and diet soda, but thanks for working on those boxes. I did fill Jim’s super secret “Fast Mail” delivery system with the Ashpit Blend.

      Finally today after 2 weather days of not being able to walk outside we can go out. The rains are gone during daytime so the minimum 2 miles can be done again. High today will be 54.

      Currently doing my 30 minutes of watching GMA on ABC, that and the 30 minutes of local news at 6pm have been my only TV watching. I just have no interest in any of the programming they show. Be safe.



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        Good morning, Bruce and crew. It's a foggy morning in Tidewater Virginia, but we're supposed to get into the 70's later today.

        I have plenty MRRing projects to keep me busy, in fact I think my stash of kits look like I've been hoarding for the virus quarantine.

        Off to the workbench...

        Have a good day.

        Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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          Little TV here. I did watch about half of the “Greatest Movie ever Made” last night Olson Wells’ Citizen Kane and shut if off. Spent a little time with the shop vac in the basement and was frustrated with lack of ambition when an engine wouldn’t work.

          Maybe Ill drag my tail to the basement and the layout or the work room and model.

          Local sort of news outlet, once a real honest newspaper I used to sell photos to, had an article on 5 local distillers that are producing hand sanitizer told all about there efforts, named them all and failed “J-101” leaving out one of the most basic tenets of what once was known as journalism, the 5 W’s..... WHERE any of them are located. As I’ve said journalism is dead. The writer did have an email address attached and was emailed her critique by Prof. Scrib.

          Trying to be more positive today. Better get something to eat. Better make my own, the latest safety message is anything from “Outside’ and I think Bruce’s shed, (is it a she shed, man cave or a they shed?) qualifies as outside....should be let outside for at least 3 days before opening the package....

          April 30 is the new well and prosper. I’m starting a new section on the railroad, the Corona Division.

          In all sincerity prayers and thoughts to you all. This is new territory for us day after day. I think of all the different ways our lives are changing and will fore ever be changed. Take care, heed the safety warnings, hug those allowed within your space and be healthy. Please stay healthy.
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

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            Good morning Bruce, and the incoming crew. We are on the 2014 expiration date food from the freezer. Just kidding! . I defrosted it in January and had restocked it right afterwards, so we are in great shape probably for a year. We go up to Shipshewana, Indiana and hit the Amish supermarket. They sell quite a bit of bulk items. I bought 80 lbs of frozen boneless chicken breasts for $100. Locally raised beef cuts at
            Also making concrete blocks and pallets, someday I'll build the factory in HO scale to be the manufacturing site.

            Have a Super day!

            Take the red pill


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              Originally posted by k9wrangler

              Trying to be more positive today. Better get something to eat. Better make my own, the latest safety message is anything from “Outside’ and I think Bruce’s shed, (is it a she shed, man cave or a they shed?) qualifies as outside....should be let outside for at least 3 days before opening the package....

              April 30 is the new well and prosper.

              Karl, I am amazed at how many people in our small 'circle of friends and family' think that they are isolating themselves bur really aren't. We haven't left the house other than to take a walk in the fresh air since Wednesday, March 11th. All mail and packages stay in the garage for 3-4 days before being opened.

              Talking to my brother-in-law we asked 'are you staying home'. He said yes, but then mentioned visiting his wife's sister who has a son living home and the kid goes out on a regular basis. So the real answer is 'no we are not isolating ourselves.' While taking our walk yesterday we spoke to a neighbor who is our age and in worse health. "Hunkering down?" Yes he says, but then shares that they were to the grocery store twice the previous week and he had gone back to the store that morning to buy the Sunday Paper. The Sunday Paper? A real life and death emergency there, for sure. :erm:

              Apparently there are many among us who cannot and will not just stay home, so thinking back to that poster that I put up for humor earlier today, we will indeed 'screw this up'!


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                Thanks for opening Bruce good idea about breakfast cleaning out all your freezer stuff so Bonnie can make all the great treats. My son and I are looking at pictures of the elk river rr trying to find some places for yards and such so we can make it more operational and user friendly. And still working on finishing up on the kitchen. See you all later. Tom


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                  Right out of the oven for breakfast. Adjust your waistbands accordingly.



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                    Good afternoon, Bruce and crew. Yummy muffins, Bruce. My wife baked yesterday. The NH seacoast is cold and wet, with a little snow expected overnight. I just put a 2nd draft of my part of the 2020 NER convention web site up for review. That's a piece of work Murphy insists on, regardless of the level of uncertainty. More modeling this evening.