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Crown Mill Pizza Layout

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    A few days without updates but some progress has been made:

    After putting in the formers and the bases for the buildings I roughed in the shape of the scenery. First a web of thin cardboard strips was created. Cereal boxes would be a good source for that.

    Then I cut a pile of small paper strips, about 1" x 3" from newsprint. Glueing these onto the cardboard web with diluted white glue resulted in a strong basic shell. Three layers were glued on crosswise.

    Next step will be finishing the fascia.


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      Thanks for the update.


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          Martin that's a great idea for a mini layout. I've never seen a "pizza" with buildings placed around the outside and away from the track before.This ought to be a novel way to do a layout. Sorry to hear about your building mishap that really sucks. Also I like the way that you made the "scenery shell"; I may have to borrow that idea in the future. I'll be following along on this build for sure.
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            Thanks for the feedback everybody. I had never built something like this before. And I'm enjoying it.

            Some more progress has been made:

            It is barely visible, but the fascia is finished. The wood parts were simply waxed. The black boards are foam PVC. I used that material for other fascia as well and like it very much. It can easily be cut and bent where necessary.

            I cut a piece roughly into the right size and hold it in place. With a hobby knife or scalpel I mark the outlines of the existing landscape. At the workbench I carefully cut along the contours thus obtained. The material sands easily so it isn't a problem to make final adjustments.

            The tunnel portal have been put in place and the adjoining rock castings were glued onto the scenic base.

            The final surface for the scenery was achieved using a to me new, albeit a very old, material: paiermache. Sometime ago I had bought a pack at an art store. So I thought this might be a good project to finally use it. It is mixed with water and let soak overnight. Using my fingers and a small putty knife I put on that stuff and let it dry overnight.


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              Good to see the "land" taking shape.


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                Looking good, Martin. That's a good project to experiment with new techniques and materials.

                The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                  While there were no updates to this thread for a while I made progress.

                  The shell was painted using a earth colored mix of latex paint. A wash using the same paint was used for coloring the rock castings. These were then colored using pigments and drybrushed with white. Basically I followed the ideas from Dave Frary's book on scenery.

                  Ground cover is a mix of several scatter materials and some natural sand and stones.

                  Learning points: I had spent some time creating bases for the buildings. But then they were covered by the scenic shell. The result is that I had problems locating them again. And second that the base wasn't level anymore. :erm: I mixed up a goop using the ground paint, aquarium sand and whiteglue and leveled the areas to be used for buildings etc. You can see that in the left foreground.

                  Next will be final placement for buildings and detailing the scenery around them.


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                    That's a very realistic looking portal Martin! :up:


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                      Your tunnel portal turned out really nice!

                      I’ve found Dave Frary’s book to be very helpful. It’s the one I recommend.


                      Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                        Martin the portal area looks very nice and the scenery looks quite natural. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
                        Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


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                          As can be seen in the picture above, the surface created with my goop is very rough. This is ok for areas that will be covered with scenery. But I needed a surface that would look right for a dirt road and the loading area.

                          What I did is to create a thick mix of my earth color, whiteglue and plaster. This was brushed on and evened out. To make it look like a dirt road I sprinkled on the pigments I also used for the rocks - various shades of ochre.

                          Later some natural sand and small stones were glued in place with my usual mix of matte medium and water.

                          I didn't properly center the rock retaining wall. [:-censored] This is something I need to take care of later.


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                            The road looks great Martin.


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                              Not any in progress shots, but there also was nothing interesting to report. But for now this layout is finished

                              Thanks for looking,



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                                Very nice, Martin. You have some interesting looking rolling stock.

                                The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.