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Monday, pre-party

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  • Monday, pre-party

    Breakfast greetings from SPARTAN Country where we are celebrating another Big 10 Championship, shared with Maryland and Dairyland(Wisconsin) breakfast is all layed out on the buffett table, the recidivistic cook is a no show so no worries about the food.

    Watched the game yesterday, after a trip to Harbor Freight for a couple things for the shop and layout room. Today I'm taking the Doll to the eye doctor, it seems she may have a beginning of old(er) age, floaters. Checkup to make sure it's not anything else. I'm still "enjoying" mine daily, the little dark dot at about 2:00 is the most fun. The little dust bunnies are less of a pest unless it's sunny.

    Back home will get at the layout or something. I'm totally incapable of making the new improved 3d printer software work or understanding at all what I'm supposed to do to make it happen. 1 machine for sale.

    Everyone have a good day, GO GREEN!!id="green">
    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

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    Good morning Karl. Boy do we all know about those floaters. Now, it's the cataracts they start to find with your eye checkups. Don't give up on that machine just yet. You'll get it to work yet! Just go slow and steady. Remember, sight, steady and squeeze.

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      Good morning all, Karl thanks for breakfast and congrats on the Spartans.

      What 'new' software is driving you nuts? I've got a full day today, as I'm just about to head South. I'll give you a call tomorrow, and see what we can figure out with that printer. Don't give up the ship!

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        Good morning also from a fellow floater. Funny when in my 50’s the eye doc was always concerned. After my cataract surgery I noticed them and the doc says oh yeah , explained it, but basically old age!

        Karl thanks for a nice breakfast. Diet soda at this time as we are heading to THE breakfast place in Minneapolis. Then we head to Scale Model Supply or something in St. Paul. Then homeward.

        The team lost in overtime last night but are still ranked #2 in the country. The NCAA’s start Saturday but not going to the game on campus or to Boston if they win Saturday’s game. Prior commitment for Saturday and Terry said no to Boston. She has been following the big stock market drop. No panic in that girl, on the other hand the my brother is going nuts. Thank gosh he can’t move real estate as quick as stocks. Enjoy your day, wash the hands in HOT water.