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  • Saturday Afternoon Lounge

    I stopped by the lounge; The door was locked but I found a key in the nook by the back door. The pot was cold so I stoked it with some Spike Keg blend I found in the back of the cupboard.

    The Lower Merrimack Valley is sunny, breezy and 40-ish. My stepson and I visited 28 Winter St., looking for photos of the track side. Nobody home, but with tripod extended my camera was higher than the fence. More work on it once the new info is on my sketch.

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    Just home from OPS at Bruce Chubbs, had a good time, a nice crowd there today. Lunch at Mr. Burger was good as usual.

    Bright sun and just a tick shy of 50 degrees out, moderate traffic both ways. Now, for a nap.
    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

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      Good afternoon James, Karl, and missing crew. I just stumbled in from a local train show. A lot of Rail King and Lionel stuff made the round trip from wherever they came. I thinned the herd a little bit. Picked up some LP's and static grass. No engines, no cars. There was an elderly lady set up next to me that had collection of brass locomotives. Obviously a widow, trying to unload them. She must have used eBay as her reference for pricing. Wow! Astronomical prices for engines marked 'doesn't run'. 'missing parts', etc. All the engines were the old Pittman motor driven. Sadly, she sat there for the day, and didn't sell a single one. I did a clinic on this scenario in Salt Lake City, and it's just something we must do to document what this 'stuff' is really worth. I felt bad for the gal.

      Have a Super day!

      Take the red pill


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        Well, VERY late Saturday Afternoon to all RR-L Crew. Been busy restoring a screwed up MS Office install that an update to Windows 10 messed up real good. Took most of the day but I got it done. Yes, I stopped here countless times but it was cold and windy so I kept my hands in my pockets. To lazy to open the door.

        Well, Supper is on so Good Evening Crew.


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          Good almost evening from beautiful downtown Minneapolis. Back from the UW Women winning their WCHA conference semi final game. The Championship game is at 2 tomorrow. We will wait a couple hours before heading out to dinner so just relaxing in the hotel room. Jim, you are right either tell the wife what the brass is really worth now or sell it yourself. I have sold quite a bit of brass in the last 18 months, enough for me and a good deal for the buyer. Enjoy your evening.