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  • Friday morning lounge

    Good morning all! The picture of the Sun on my iPhone weather APP isn't matching the snow outside my kitchen window. :erm:

    The coffee urn has just signaled READY Caboose stove blend. The special is a short stack of Buckwheat pancakes and a bowl of Farina. Smokie links on the side. Some fresh fruit showed up overnight, check the country of origin. Eddie will be the 'Official food tester' as that n'ar do well has showed up once again. We're keeping him away from the grill area, after that grease fire last time. All other beverages available. Hand sanitizer on the way in, please.

    I've got an early appt. this morning, and then packing some stuff for tomorrow's local train show. Getting ready to quibble over a few duplicate 'Blue boxers'.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim and the rest of the RR-L Crew this COOLING DOWN Friday. No snow but lower temps at least today.

    Had my oatmeal and tea. Coffee later.

    AT&T tech is due this morning to change out my phone like to FIBER OPTIC for FREE. They are also replacing the router and lowering my bill. Can't beat that deal. Just not sure how he's going to do this as this house is 30+ years old, no basement and all cathedral ceilings. We've had 24 inches of blow in insulation put in as well so it's hard to crawl around the attic are between the trusses. Well, we'll find out soon enough.

    Got a large ASAP order of 3D prints in from Steve down at Rail-Scale Models. Seems what I've sold him in kits and such is selling real well. He's having trouble trying to keep up with it. [LAUGH] Reason I sold it to him. [GRIN]

    Fish Fry again tonight. At least this week I have a helper. Looks like we served over 700 meals last week and this is usually a busier week in past history.

    Everyone have a FUN and SAFE day in the COLD and (some places) snowy Train Yard.


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      Good morning from severely clear warming So. Wisconsin. Thanks Jim for opening and breakfast. I knocked on the door a few hours ago but my key wasn’t working. Now Eddies back, just clean Karl’s coffee cup, he won’t be eating.

      Rough night trying to sleep, started coughing and nothing was even helping. Better now. It is a hockey weekend for us. We will be taking the grandson to the state hockey finals as the local high school is trying to win again. Then tomorrow we head out to Minneapolis for the UW Badger Women trying to defend their conference title. We both love Minneapolis so if I can healthy this will be fun.

      Enjoy your day



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        COLD and windy in Michigan this morning. Sun is hinted at later but wind and chill to remain. Bunker day.

        I went back to the old hometown yesterday and cut the final cord there, closing out my joint checking account I kept while dealing with my mother's estate. No reason to ever go back. Haven't lived there since Sept. 1966 save a month in '69 when I got mono and dropped out of school for a term. Nothing there for me now.

        The fridge repair seems to have been successful and the Doll ran the rug shampoo machine where there was a stained spot and it all looks great, has dried up and all is back to status quo.

        Today I fiddle with the 3d's been recommended I change software so that will be a terrific challenge. I fooled around last evening and did not manage to work out. Cleaned stuff out and restart the process after breakfast. Maybe some of the Our Gang breakfast, Buckwheat and Farina, just need some Spanky toast and Darla muffins, Pete the Pup to keep an eye on things and Froggy to yell at the cook...I heard Alfalfa is having an identity crisis and can't decide how to style "their" hair these days....Porky is on O2 and can't get out any more, but then after thinking on it...TomO is right. Don't need any of that guy's cooking.[:-censored] He doesn't even have a wrap over that new tatoo "I-heart-Jim"

        Off early to Grand Rapids to ops at Chubb's if all works out tomorrow.

        Everyone have a good day.
        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

        Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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          Good morning from the NH seacoast - sunny and warming up from a below-freezing start. My day will be what's become 'normal' recently - divided between convention work and layout work. Had hoped to burn brush tomorrow, but forecast wind and total lack of snow probably mean the VFD won't give me a permit.


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            Walt, the phone companies really want to get rid of copper phone lines, for both good and bad reasons. The good reasons are bandwidth and reliability. The bad reason is they have substantial legal requirements on old copper wires to ensure fair service, rules that don't apply to fiber.

            Yesterday my box of castings from Rusty Rails arrived, and I cleaned some up and primed them, to go inside the foundry building. I also did more pondering on trackwork, in particular how I'll mount the switch machine underneath the splines.

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)