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    Good morning all! The coffee urn is READY with Sailor's Delight in honor of two models. One completed, and one in the oven. I just spent nearly an hour reviewing CarlB's now completed Lighthouse build (fantastic) and Pennman's beginning build of his scratchbuilt boat. So the two maritime models are ready for your viewing pleasure.

    It's only fitting to have Lox and bagels for today's special. Fresh tomato slice from some remote part of the world, and a slice of Bermuda onion on that cream cheese covered bagel. All other beverages available. Captain Crunch in the box for OEM eaters.

    I got the backdrop dilemma resolved in my head, yesterday, but taking a break from it today.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is foggy right now in Lakewood Ranch, FL, but that should burn off by 10 am and we will reach 83 degrees today.

    This is our last full day in Florida. Around noon tomorrow we will start heading north, stopping in Atlanta for a few days for the NMRA Mid-Year Board Meeting.

    We should be home next Tuesday.

    I am looking forward to getting back to he modeling bench.


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      Good morning Crew. Just a bit of oatmeal for breakfast for me Jim, but thanks for the spread. It should be a nice bright day in So. Wisconsin with more of the white stuff melting. Other then milk I have no reason to leave the property so I won’t. I am working on a brass steamer that died on me and dropped a side rod. If I get it fixed it will get sold. Have a great day.



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        Late night here, found a leaking water line to the ice maker on the fridge quite late last night. It looks like a plastic line developed a micro leaker, aneurysm, if you will, and spreak water all over the floor, and of course, downstairs below over the layout....wrecking several ceiling tiles but not penetrating. Guess it's good that I don't have the layout finished. It's a b*t*h to work above what is there already. Ceiling tiles have become slightly swollen over time and pretty much break trying to adjust or remove them from the metal gridwork. Always something.

        SPARTYid="green"> brought home some of the Happy from Happy Valley in PA last night overcoming a -19 deficit to win.

        Everyone have a good day, bib overalls and a tool belt for me, You Tube to see how to fix the mess.

        Everyone pull out their fridges today and check the water tubes....remember as the late Glen Haegey(sp) on the home repair show always said WATER WINS
        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

        Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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          Good morning, all from the NH seacoast. It's approaching 50F and windy here, last night's rain was gone from my driveway by 8AM. Finished with the morning's convention work, off to the layout for maybe something that fits the Challenge.


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            Good morning crew I know it’s late but I had to go to the clinic for blood work then back home for breakfast. Time to get some work done maybe I’ll be back later. Tom


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              We had the washing machine hose come loose and dump a load's worth of water on the train room in my previous house. The tiles, of course, were ruined. That's why I went for real drywall above the layout room in the current house.

              As James said, it's windy here, but it's also nice and sunny, so it definitely feels like "Spring is just around the corner." More bench trackwork this afternoon, while I wait for the remaining plates to put underneath the HOn30 track. I also ordered a good used Kato N scale diesel to use as a test engine on the HOn30 line. That'll also be used to push the track cleaner car once the layout is operational. (Diesels run better than small steam :-( :-( )

              Have I mentioned recently that I don't like soldering?

              Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)