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  • Grandt Line purchases

    One of our forum members recently purchased some Grandt Line castings from Blue Rail Hobbies. Upon receiving his order, he noted the back of the packaging which shows Grant Line New Owners: San Juan Model Co.

    Myself and a few other forum members have emailed the new owners and never have we gotten an answer from them. Perhaps things are looking up for us to now buy from the new owners, or not? The reason I question this is the fact that when you "google" San Juan Model Co., you get the San Juan site. You click on Details, and it takes you to Grandt Lines old webpage. I don't need to order from them now, but if anyone does make an attempt to order from them, and you get a response from them, please update by posting to this thread. Thanks


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    I actually spoke with one of the owners of San Jaun at the Springfield show. He said they are still sorting out the Grandt Line stuff and are starting to up production and organize what they purchased. I'd give them some time since he did say it wasa pretty big project. He did seem like a pretty nice guy and took time at a busy show to talk shop with me.



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      It would be nice indeed to see Grandt Line back in the action.


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