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Intro.- the Holt house-the Mine 5-25-21

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    Thanks, Jerry, Philip, Bruce, Dave, Ray and Bob !!


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      That is looking really good. If you do this kind of work a lot, a Cricut is great for cutting out windows and trim like that. I have to agree with Burly Jim on the crackle effect. I know it will look just like that if you spray enamel over acrylic. If you used a primer is it possible that it was a different type of paint? Even then, I have only seen it happen if the paint underneath is not fully cured. Can't wait to see this finished.


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        Holy Smokes, those windows look heavenly.


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          Well done on the bay window Fred. :up:


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            Thanks, Guys !!

            Bay 1 is done. This is how I did bay 2.

            I started out by marking it all out on .030 styrene and cutting out the window openings. I decided that .030 wasn't thick enough so I laminated it to another piece of .030 styrene, I did the same on bay 1. The whole bay is one piece at this step, I'll cut out the individual pieces after the windows are done.

            I'm using .030x.040, .030x.060 and .040x.060 styrene strips for the window sashes. I started by gluing a .030x.060 strip across the center of the opening for the bottom of the upper sash, then using .030x.040 I glued the lower sash pieces in place using Testors liquid cement. The bottom of the lower sash is a .040x.060 strip.

            After that set up a bit I started forming the upper sash, .030x.060, starting with the first shoulder.

            Then over to the other shoulder and cut it to length. I then pull it out and gently bend both shoulders some more hoping to retain the form as much as possible. Here I used Testors model cement, in the orange tube, to glue the upper part in place especially around the shoulders. On all of the other windows I used only the liquid cement. But for some reason it was snapping the bent styrene on the bays. I knew this could be an issue but I think it only happened once on the other windows. After the upper part was glued in I then used the liquid cement to glue the rest of the sash in place.

            And they are finished.

            And I've glued the bays in place, except for their roofs. And the eight walls are glued together. I still need one more wall, the left side of the tower.

            I still need to add shutters and to figure out how I'm going to do those funky awnings.


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              Looks nice. I've also had bent styrene break through when liquid cement was applied. I'd had the idea that the less aggressive tube cement might help, good to know it worked for you.


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                I'm just getting caught up on this build, Fred. You're off to a good start. You've managed to make impossible windows possible.

                With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                  Looks like you have another winner coming along, I love it. Good job on the windows.



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                    What George and Bob said!


                    in Michigan


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                      Looks great so far!


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                        Cutting through .06" styrene would have been fun....


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                          Thanks, James, George, Bob, Pete and Ray !!

                          Carl, I cut everything out of the 30 before I laminated it. So I only had to cut 30 more.


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                            Just catching up again Fred. You keep plugging away, this is very nice work, indeed.



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                              Those windows are a lot of work, but worth the effort, Fred. Thanks for showing us how it is done.


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                                Windows! Windows! Good thing you aren't doing Gates. Hang in there Fred, they are looking great!

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