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Disturbing news from the NEB-and-W

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  • Disturbing news from the NEB-and-W

    John Nehrich posted this on the NEB&W Facebook page:

    Just a brief note to let you all know I was fired from RPI yesterday. I'll be posting more information later but not only will have not be working on restoring and expanding the layout, I won't be able to visit it as I can't set foot on RPI property for fear of arrest.

    I will be continuing to build models, mainly of south Troy but as I've been saying recently, these are for me - I plan on making small dioramas and display some of them from time to time downtown. And I will continue to post information on this site, including the work that I and others have done on the old layout. - JN

    Apparently the NEB&W website that has all that great information will continue, presumably under a new host. It's not clear how this will impact the development of the model railroad and their plans to open to the public in the new location.

    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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    You are the only name I know when discussing the NEB&W! You have been the driving force and a great modeller.

    This is a travesty and smells of dirty politics!


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      To me, it sounds like an argument that got out of hand and something was said that might have been forgivable 40 years ago but isn't now. Sad news for the restoration and the history and research he's done.


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        I don't get it. John has always been above and beyond. I agree, must have been "creative differences". Total crap.


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          I don’t know John but have read stuff he has done. There are always 2 sides to every firing. Nobody in today’s politically charged, cost cutting , sexist charged environment, is safe. He must have pissed someone off though if he fears getting arrested going back on campus.



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            Thirty years ago when I was in college, we had a student go after an instructor. After he was arrested, there was a restraining order against him that prohibited him from stepping foot on campus or having contact with any students or faculty. That was 30 years ago. While I'm not privy to what happened, I don't suspect this happened at all. Based on a subsequent post I think it was a disagreement over funding.

            RPI has something in place that prohibits people from the campus (thus even seeing the layout) if they weren't a student or faculty. Part of moving the layout to a public location was a way around that. However, I think RPI has taken it too far. I'd hate to wonder about the legal implications of a prospective student touring the campus, or heaven forbid a parent visiting their adult-child in their dorm!


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              There is a lot up in the air about the situation. Most of the comments here and elsewhere are heartfelt support for John in particular and the layout in general but others are fueled by speculation about motives and imagined events on both sides. Please, don't add to that.