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    Ok... I WILL (someday) scratch/bash out a 3'-gauge 25-ton Climax with DCC and sound. I'm well on to the design work and think I have a path forward. But... it's going to be some time until I can get into the actual building. So...

    In the meantime, are there any viable options outside of the really lovely Blackstone locomotives in HOn3? Anything that isn't Colorado narrow gauge would do... something like a 2-6-0, or any geared steam. A little work to get it smooth and reliable is ok, but if I gotta do a complete re-build, I'll just push on with the Climax project. Just curious what's out there that I may be missing. I think I did a pretty thorough search, but ya never know.

    Oh, and I'd be completely interested in taking a good N-scale steamer mechanism and bashing it into HO narrow gauge if the mech can be bumped to n3. There are a lot of available parts to use for HOn30... so if there's a good mech that can be re-gauged for 3', that's absolutely something I'd go for.

    This stuff is fun, eh?

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    Found this on ebay.

    Rod locomotives other than Colorado prototypes are going to kind of hard to come by. You see some ET&WNC and some EBTs now and again but not to often. Shay's and Heilers in brass are pretty common depending how much money you want to spend and the Model Diecasting/Roundhouse HOn3 inside frame 2-8-0 show up on ebay quite often.

    There's a prototype for everything.

    If you can't make it perfect, make it adjustable.

    DCC is not plug and play.


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      Like you, I model a logging railroad of Pennsylvania in HOn3. In my case the Slate Run.

      I took everything down for a move from NJ to MI two years ago, but am about ready to build the benchwork for the reincarnation of the Slate Run.

      I know the problem of trying to find RTR steam that is not specific to Colorado.

      I have three brass locos that I've been living with. A Forney, a small Shay and a horizontal boiler Climax. I also have three little diesel critters - just because.

      Anyway, here are links to the pages in my Slate Run thread where you can see those steam engines.




      The Forney needed to be re-motored and painted. The Shay's motor was fine, but needed painting.

      The Climax was painted and ran great when I got it.



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        Hey, Man. I've always admired your Slate Run. Especially the provisions car. Good to know that you're settled in in MI and ready to bring it back to life. Your locos look great, and I appreciate the response. The Forney would be a great candidate for what I'm starting to put together, and I'm keeping an eye out for one. The Class A Climax might a good choice too. Looks like this is just going to be a matter of watching for something good, then putting the work into it to get it right.

        I really don't want to do HOn30, but there are definitely paths forward for building on N-scale mechanisms.

        While searching, I came across a brass 25-ton Class B Climax by Sugiyama that hadn't come up before. It's a later boiler, cab and bunker, but if the mechanism is decent and the critical dimensions are close (overall length, distance between truck centers, width, etc.), this might be the best starting point for a bashed White Deer & Loganton Climax. Anyone know anything about these? Now to find one that's actually for sale...

        No easy paths with HOn3, eh? Fun though!