A recently completed project.

Atlas RS-1, in order to do the M&StL RS-1 a number of modification have to be done. Since the Louie installed their steam era bells on the hood tops as the frame mounted bells froze up in the winter, the walkway over the top radiator vent has to be moved to the side. After removing the walkway, you will find the venting has a dip in it so the entire vent area is filed away, the walkway moved to the engineers side and a new vent area is scratchbuilt. Also installed steam era markers on the long hood. Changed to vent on top of the cab to match the ones the Louie had. Painted the unit with Floquil Signal Red and decaled it with the later Shroeder era decals I got from Mark Vaughn (now available from Clark Probst). The Louie originally received their RS-1's in small batches and every delivery had a different paint scheme (some said picked by the office staff). After Sprauge was kicked out in 1954 they Louie standardized the paint scheme into the Red & White scheme as this unit.