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    I just found this forum. I recognize many posters from MRH. I have recently finished a rework of an On30 Bachmann 2-6-0. I control the loco with a WifiTrax WMH-20 module in DC and my Fire HD10 tablet. I am now wanting to take the next step into Dead Rail which is the batteries or battery packs. In searching and reading I'm somewhat confused. Most dead rail discussions focus on the controller and don't get into various discussions about batteries themselves. There are AA cell 3.7v items and there are plastic pouch 3.7v items. Use 3 and you've got the 11.1v pack that gets lots of mention. I put 14-16v on the rails in DC for my Bluetooth and Wifi controlled HO locos. I need to test my On30 with 11.1v DC on the rails to check its acceptability. I know I have never gone full throttle anyway. Can I go with AA cells and a battery holder for 3 or do I need to go pouch type. Most photos I see on the net appear to be a 11.1v brick and nothing is said about AA or pouch. Also, I've read about some kind of protection device needed in the battery pack. And there needs to be a charger with overcharge control. Any clarification comments will be appreciated.
    Steve G

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    Go to the Dead Rail Society online and check out what they have to say. Pete Steimetz is a big proponent of Dead Rail.

    I was running Dead Rail with batteries in a dummy and using the RailPro controller and decoders. But, I left it. I wanted to buy a ProtoThrottle and RailPro was not interested in working with the ProtoThrottle. Good luck and welcome to Rail-Road Line forums.



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      Get ahold of Pete Steinmetz through the Dead Rail Society as he sells battery packs for just about any kind of loco.
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        Tom & Andy: Thanks for your response. I was already aware of Pete's Dead Rail Install products and should have said so. He is a member of an On30 to which I subscribe and has made great contributions about that scale and Dead Rail there. I recognize that Pete's batteries, protection circuits, and chargers have a great record with the Dead Rail On30 community - they are the "go to" battery system. I am interested in what other battery options Dead Rail users might be using. I had read about rechargeable AA 3.7v Lithium batteries and thought my post would bring something out as to their use in model railroading but it looks like they are not used. Thanks again.
        Steve G


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          Steve, don’t jump to conclusions too quick from these answers. Bernd hasn’t checked in yet and he was looking into wireless recharging with another forum member with back and forth ideas.

          Pete at the Dead Rail Society in my opinion is carrying on dead rail and maybe the driving force. There hasn’t been a lot of interest here at RR-line forums but a couple good discussions. As I said I got out but only because RailPro was unable to communicate with my PT. Now my entire layout is down because my ESC system conked out!



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            Originally posted by tloc

            Steve, don’t jump to conclusions too quick from these answers. Bernd hasn’t checked in yet and he was looking into wireless recharging with another forum member with back and forth ideas. TomO


            I saw the post earlier and was going to answer. I have given up on the wireless charging since I felt it was becoming more of a electronics hobby than model railroading. Also the other person that I was in contact with was DanT. He knew more about wireless charging and battery use than any other person I have run across on this subject. I believe DanT is not with us anymore from one comment he made a while back. I believe it might have be in one of his posts. He was a member of several forums so I can't be specific as to where I saw it.

            I'm going to stick with the Deltang system for as long as they are available. If the system is joined with an on board voltage regulator it can be run on DC, AC, and DCC. As far as having sound on board, I'm not an advocate. I think control of your engines via airwaves (radio waves?) is the way I want to go. I could care less for all the CV adjustments that you can make with DCC. If you have a properly maintained and built engine you don't need all that electrical magic to make them work properly. Electronics cannot fix poorly designed or maintained engines. Also I don't care for being able to control turnouts or anything else on a layout with a smartphone.

            OK, stepping down from the soap box now.

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              Time to pipe in on batteries and inductive charging.

              The AA Rechargeable take us a lot more space than the Lithium Polymer batteries. If you have space, it is an option.

              Inductive charging is successful on toothbrushes. Sonicare does inductive charging. It is a single cell that takes a long time to charge. It is not practical for an 11.1V Lithium polymer for a couple of reasons. 1. The charging coil would have to be large. 2. The charging coil needs to be really close to the receiving unit in the loco. Very impractical compared to removing the battery and plugging into a charger or putting a charging plug on the loco or tender.

              Pete Steinmetz

              Dead Rail Installs
              Pete Steinmetz

              Dead Rail Society