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  • Speed Matching Steam Locos

    Has anyone tried speed matching steam with different size drivers like a mike with 63 in drivers and a pacific with 76 in drivers and then consist them together
    paul egri

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    One layout that I operate at tried, unsuccessfully, to do that. Anytime we double head steam we use 2 engineers like they did back in the day. It adds an interesting twist to the session.

    I'm sure you will hear other, probably more helpful, suggestions that will inform us all.
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      It all depends on the decoders used. I use ESU decoders, and to make a speed curve on them with JMRI or the Lokprogrammer is very easy. If you use a rolling bed or a loop of track isn't so critical. I run both at the same consist, and use POM to change the speed curves.
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        Like Michael said, I use JMRI to program my locomotives on a test section of track for matching all my steam and diesel locomotives. I've consist different steam with steam, and steam with diesels to run together. It is tricky at times, sometimes a perfect match, other times it is a little off, but they will still run well together without a problem if off just slightly from each other.

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