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Brass Precision Scale Co. McKeen Car w/trailer

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  • Brass Precision Scale Co. McKeen Car w/trailer

    Hello all,

    For those who were thinking of rebuilding or upgrading a HO scale Brass Precision Scale Co. McKeen Car and trailer w/Dcc sound/lights.

    This pictorial is just one way I did it this project while utilizing the N.W.S.L. stanton drive.


    Pic 1) Shows main car as received. Notice a basic custom paint job of a olive green sides and a grimy black roof. A shorted out micro decoder and a speaker with a cracked cone and a stanton drive with gear issues allowed me to start out behind the 8-ball.

    Pic 2) Shows the basic trailer with coupler height issues and trucks with tracking problems.

    Pic 3) Shows an overall before view of both car and trailer without drive truck side frames installed.

    Pic 4) Shows the model with various loose parts.

    Pic 5) Shows the car and trailer with height issues and the car passenger compartment with the speaker, decoder and wires visibly in view.

    Pic 6) Shows an overall view of both car and trailer in need of a complete rebuild to meet it's true potential as an awesome model for any layout.

    Pic 7) Shows with the car taken apart it's apparent how many loose parts the car actually had. Note many more were either loose of missing also.

    Pic 8) Now with all missing parts added and loose parts soldered back onto the appropriate sub-assemblies.

    Pic 9) Shows the model after I grit blasted the surfaces and sonic cleaned and prepped the parts for paint.

    Pic 10) Shows all sub-assemblies and shells final inspected and ready for paint.

    Pic 11) The shells and frames with the new olive green and black roofs with clear coats cured (baked). I chose to use Star Brands paints from Bill Peters of PBL.(don't know him).

    Pic 12) Here's a better angle view of the trailer shell and frame painted and cleared.

    Pic 13) Another view.

    Pic 14) The main car shell and frame with paint and clear coated.

    Pic 15) Another view.

    Pic 16) My attention was turned to the seats now. On the left a starting point and on the right after shaping and two tone painting, some seats which give a somewhat close flavor of the seats the SP prototype had.

    Pic 17 ) The main car model with the full size decoder, bass speaker, keep alive, led's/resistors mounted along with plenty of weight, seats, figures. Note the trailer has the function decoder mounted.

    Pic 18) The finished trailer with the shell removed. Note simple parts added are all's that needed in a car that has a shell limiting a clear view inside. (one doesn't always have to go rivet counting to get the point across).

    Pic 19) The conductors overall side of both car and trailer as completed.

    Pic 20) The engineers overall side of both car and trailer as completed.

    Pic 21) Notice the better car/trailer height in relation to each other. Note, this was not easily accomplished as one might think.

    Pic 22) The main car with light weathering added. Note Simple clear plastic make the windows.

    Pic 23) The completed trailer with custom all wheel pickups added.

    Pic 24) Note the faded roof paint and highlighting done to compliment the many details this model has.

    Pic 25) The trailer front view (A) side.

    Pic 26) The trailer rear view (B) side.

    For more pics and a short sound/light video click here! Hope this pictorial gave someone a few insights or inspired you to complete yours. Thanx Thom...

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    I forgot to mention while this was a challenging and time consuming build, it however was a very rewarding project to complete. Thanks to Madison Kirkman for his help with car research. Thanx Thom...


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      Nice build!!

      "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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        You did a terrific job on this project. I like the way that you compartmentalized the speaker making the interior clear for the details. I also like that baggage car, too. I have never seen one before.


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          I always thought that the McKean cars were interesting. You did a great job on this car and trailer.


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            Thank you guys for the nice comments. Here is an update video link of this car on his beautiful layout. Enjoy! Thanx Thom...


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              I'm impressed. The car is 1000% better than what you started with. Nice job.
              It's only make-believe


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                Nice project and nicely documented.

                What do you use for grit blasting such a small item? I have a glass bead box but it's a bit over the top for an ho model. I've used it for stripping old Tonka trucks I used to restore.
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                  I'm impressed as I know how much work was required. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing...



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                    Yes, it was a little work for sure, but the biggest part was trying to figure out the Stanton drive on the rear of the model.

                    I used Aluminium Oxide as the grit medium sometimes I'll use baking soda and sometimes stone powder for really rusted pitted metal.

                    I'm glad I got to do this model, I've always wanted to do one (with the trailer). I've got different ideas if I ever get around to doing another one in the future. Thanx Thom...


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                      Great result :up:
                      Built a waterfront HO layout in Ireland but now making a start in On30 in Australia


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                        Nice work Thom


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                          WOW !....That just looks great.

                          GULF COAST & WESTERN


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                            Thank you guys for the compliments, I'm glad you like...

                            I have a couple other unusual builds I'll post as time permits. Thanx Thom...


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                              Just got back to the site, and wow! Beautiful job all the way round.