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Bought another LGB...

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  • Ansley
    Looks Good! I own about 60 G scale locomotives, or motive power as some are not really locos. I've bought most used on Ebay, may LGB As well. I probably have about 15 LGB engines of various models Euro and American. They run like tanks, I've got some real old ones that run like new! I've got a few newer examples of the Stainz you have there, in different colors, some have sound and smoke. They are very nice.

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  • Graffen
    started a topic Bought another LGB...

    Bought another LGB...

    Hi all, I saw an ad on Facebook.

    LGB 100 year anniversary set for sale.

    I got it for $80.

    Almost unused, the same owner since new.

    I picked it up today, and had to test it.

    It was a bit sluggish the first lap, then it smoothed out and runs better and better.

    It hadn't been used this millennia.