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    Nope, I'm not giving any. I'm looking for some. I had never used the 2" construction foam in the past (it didn't exist in the stone age). What I'm noticing is how annoying the transmission of sound is through this material.

    I did a little research and I see that 'they' actually make transducers that are glued to a full sheet of the foam, and you end up with a huge speaker. Well, I'm looking for a way to dampen the sound carrying characteristics to quiet this stuff down.

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    Jim, this is very subjective when it comes to sound.

    I used Liquid nails for foam to glue the #250 formular pink foam to my wood frame of 1/2” thick x 21/2” 5 ply ripped from 4x8 sheets. I used 16” centers and no part of the railroad is wider than 24”. Every piece of wood that touch’s the foam has Liquid nails on it. I glued the cork road bed down with DAP’s Alex Plus and glued the tie strips using Elmer’s glue All white. I don’t have a drumming effect or a noise issue, but I run sound in all locomotives at about 15% of volume.

    I have read others have a terrible sound issue. I believe they left dry some foam and frame touching surfaces but all claim they glued everything. Good luck.



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      Jim you are going to get sound regardless of glues used. The foam does not absorb sound. it actually transmits as the sound is reflected. I would think it is because of the density of the materials used...You can drive a screw into it, and it stays put..that is density'..

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