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    I built my wife a new Windows 10 computer. Now I have Windows 10 to test the program on. Don't tell her about this. I don't want her to know why I agreed to the idea so easily.

    As a result, I have finally figured out how to successfully install the program on a Windows 10 computer. If you are having problems getting the program to run, try the new install:

    If you already have the program running, you DO NOT need to download this new installation.

    Please let me know if you have any problems with the new installation.


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    David, I have a two yards next to each other. One is a main yard and the other is an interchange yard. How do I set up a transfer run from Yard A to Yard B. Need to set up a route and a train? I tried to set it up as a looped route Running from A to B back to A. Program would not let me do this. Said I had to have an intermediate town or something like that. Kinda hard to do since both yards are in the same town.


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      The Route is Yard A-Yard B.

      The train defines how it will use the route. What you want is up and back.

      The same route can be used by multiple trains in multiple ways. You can run:

      A-B - Normal

      B-A - Reverse route

      A-B-A - Normal Up and Back

      B-A-B - Reverse Up and Back

      The train goes from Yard A to Yard B and then back to Yard B.

      A looped route is like: A-B-C-D-A

      The route has no points in common except the first and last locations.