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Boxcab Critters Fn3 style

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  • Frank, I really admire your work and the way you describe the processes. I downloaded a couple of your posts regarding the way that you model rust for when I start to learn dry-brush techniques for weathering.


    • Thanks Russ anytime just send me a line.

      Just a little update on the radio control to date. I’ve connected all the pieces and nothing blew up. I flipped the power switch and the Phoenix unit started up the preinstalled GP-38 sound. Man it was loud, using the toggle switch I lowered the volume. I’ll get my transmitter on Wednesday and then I’ll program the A/W board to the frequency and loco number.

      All the guts will be in the lead unit. I was going to split the load but that would require heavier wire from the battery unit to the front unit. By having it all in the lead unit I can make the wires shorter from the battery-switch-AirWire board. The battery will be on one side, the 2 PC Boards will be stacked on the other. The speaker will be in the trailing unit.

      I’m working on the trail units wiring harness. I have a 10-pin and will be only be using 8 wires so I’ll have 2 for future options. I drilled holes in the rear pilots and the decks and fed the wires through. I printed strips of numbers from 1-9 and wrapped a section around the black wires of the trail unit. Then connected the plug and with an ohm meter I found the corresponding wire in the front unit. Then wrapped the same number to that wire. I didn’t do it for the red wire which is obvious which one that is.

      After that I made the connections to the headlight, marker lights, speaker and motor.

      I can’t believe I glued the partition to the wrong side of the line. Pictures never lie.

      With the wires tucked into the non-speaker side I cut foam pieces and surrounded the speaker with them. The pictures don’t show but I also made a removable cover for the speaker compartment. OMG with the roof on it has great sound quality and more volume than I can stand. I turned the volume down some more.

      Okay, the trail unit is finished.

      I went on line to find the “OLD” AWD10SS A/W and Phoenix Big-Sound 96/97 information booklets. I couldn’t find an exact wiring diagram for the way I'm wiring the 2 boards so I came up with this one. The drawing was done in "Paint". I’m hoping it will work.



      • quote:

        Originally posted by Frank Palmer

        My aunt and uncle built a large house around the bungalow that they originally bought. That would have been in early 50's. Their house was 5 houses from Bertram's Island Amusement Park.

        Diane's grandparents lived on the other side of the lake Sperry Springs.

        "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


        • Hey Jerry that's pretty cool.

          Dave Revelia expertly painted my engineer for me.

          Here’s a close up of the wiring harness between cabs. I zigzagged the connection so I’d have enough room to connect and disconnect the plug.

          The inside of Cab A showing the battery pack, the stacked PCBs and the engineer’s cab. I’d like to get some more details in there so we’ll see.

          And the plain speaker Cab B.

          I had some Sundance Central decals left over from other build projects so I thought I’d add them here. I only had white so my numbers on the side will have to wait.

          The engineer’s leaning out to get a better view.

          I almost forgot to add the lights on shot. The marker lights in the front cab come on when the reverse lights are on.

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          I hope you’ve enjoyed the thread as much as I have had building these little critters.


          • Absolutely outstanding!

            Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


            • Great work Frank! (Dave too)

              Ready for the September SCFSM Open House... :up:


              • Frank ,

                The wipers are really cool!!! It sounds so good!! Can’t wait to see what you pull with it!!


                • Another excellent thread Frank. Your work is just so dam good!

                  And another perfect figure by Dave.

                  "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                    • Nice job on those Critter's Frank. You set the bar pretty high for me. I'll have to get something together for this coming winter's project.

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                      • Good stuff, Frank. Hope to see photos on the layout soon.


                        • Thank you Mike.

                          Carl, we’re getting there. We’ve been replacing about 100’ of rail where derailments were a huge problem. The heavy locomotives wore off the inner flange of the rail in the curves after 15 years of running.

                          Tim, maybe a short mixed consist.

                          Jerry thanks, Dave is the best. And he didn’t charge much either. I told him to deduct it from my pay.

                          Thanks as always Mike.

                          Bernd, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

                          Bill, I’ll get some YouTube stuff too-toot-toot.


                          • Frank, that looks, and I bet sounds AMAZING!

                            Wonderful work!

                            Greg Shinnie


                            • As previously stated', absolutely outstanding work Frank'. id="Comic Sans MS">

                              :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: [:P]



                              • This has been a fun project to watch, Frank. Thanks!