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Boxcab Critters Fn3 style

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    Super job, Frank. Looks great all around.


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      Darn it Frank! The critters are so I want one!!!

      Someday I'll use your ideas and try to build one.

      Thanks for the inspiration.



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        Thank you Jerry

        Tim, it’s not Menon it’s an Old Spice deodorant container fuel tank. I just remembered how I did the rivits. The tank has a wrap of .005 sheet styrene with the rivets imbossed with a pounce wheel.

        Thanks Bill for the comps.

        Yeah Dave all you have to do is trash a USA train’s locomotive. Ever since I went Fn3 narrow gauge on the Sundance Central the old GP9 wasn’t doing anything and since I have an affinity for critters, ah you know the rest.


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          Originally posted by Tim Godfrey


          I don’t care if it came from Avon, the fact that you had the vision to see it as a water tank is incredible!!

          Maybe the embossed rivets on a strip of styrene would work on the box cabs.


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            I made a couple of jigs out of 1/8” plywood. I wanted to make a pair of ladders and keep them square and exact duplicates of each other. I cut the plywood on my Proxxon table saw at 3/4" intervals. In 1:20.3 that’s about 15 scale inches.

            The ladder steps were made from 1/8” by 1/32” brass strip. The small jig was used to size the pieces and center the step for drilling.

            I made the top section from the same jig as the ladder.

            Installed and ready to go. I’m still toying with the idea of cutting the bottom step off but I’m leaving it on for now till I decide whether it stays or goes.

            The red stripe is painted masking tape. Just checking if I like it.


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              Ah ha, a bit of brass work.

              Nice job on that ladder. :up:

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                Better and better.

                Is the purpose of the red decorative or warning? I think as a warning, today’s use of dashed yellow works better than a solid red stripe.


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                    Bernd, brass adds class.

                    Mike, I was going for a bit of Union Pacific.

                    TAA Mike.


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                      You did create a 'showstopper' as predicted on page 1. Great job!

                      Take the red pill


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                        Even with the jig, expert level drilling Frank! Wow. :up:


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                          Hi Frank. Looking better with each new update.

                          I wasn't too sure at first about the fancy roof on such a small loco, but with all the extra detail it looks great. I should never had had any doubts.

                          Am super impressed with how the ladders turned out.

                          Regards Rob

                          Despite the cost of living, it's still popular

                          My current build.


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                            Thanks Jim and Carl.

                            Rob, I'm going to have to agree with Russ, with those roofs it has more "Steam Punk" than diesel punk. I was looking through my junk and ran across them and thought . . . maybe, nah, oh what the heck. I brought them to the Saturday morning session and they all agreed the roofs must stay. I like clutter and detail so i came up with the ladder style. Now i have to make another for the "B" cab. The ladder is in 2 sections so I can remove the roof to charge the batteries since I'm going AirWire.


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                              Is it DCC? Does it have sound? How many cars will it pull on level track? I forget are they both powered? Do they perform smoothly at low speeds and across turnouts? Inquiring minds want to know!


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                                Easy there grasshopper. They will be Airwire controlled with battery power and Phoenix sound. There will be a 2" x 4" speaker in each unit. Each unit is also powered with the original power truck from the USA Trains GP9. I'm not sure how much they will pull but I will be pulling only short trains.