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    Afternoon all:

    Been a lurker for a while and decided that I needed a figurative kick in the pants so here I am. I’ve been accumulating kits and equipment for over 30 years with only a hint of discipline and restraint. While structure kits have limited themselves to keeping with a New England layout, the trains have had no such luck. American prototypes are restricted to USRA, NH, B&M, and CV, however, I’ve managed to accumulate a large assortment of UK and German power and passenger cars. Such promiscuity makes for a diverse collection but can present problems for the indecisive. And if I didn’t have enough of a challenge, there is also an HOn30 contingent too.

    Be all that as it may, the layout such as it will hopefully be will occupy a space about 10’x17’ and will feature a late steam era freelance road in a part of Southern New England that must exist between the electrons of the one we all know. The NH influences motive power practices and also has running rights over the Southern portions , the CV and B&M over then Northern sections. Slim gauge fits in at a time and place not yet determined. European equipment may run on the rails once they’re in, but will remain a quasi static collection.

    And so that is the basic premise of what I hope to do. To that end recent changes in life have indicated that the time has come to start building stuff. First kit to be attempted is an old RDA J&J Tool Co which will be paraded before you in the Craftsman’s Kit Forum. See you there?

    Oh, at this time there is still no firm name for either the standard or narrow gauge. Any suggestions will be entertained. Thanks for listening

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    Welcome aboard, John. Thanks for introducing yourself. If you had any discipline in accumulating stuff, you'd be a misfit here.

    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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      What George said!

      Take the red pill


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        Yep, nobody here has the correct amount of kits. You’ll fit right in. Welcome and I will be reading your builds.



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          Welcome, John. I have so many kits that I know most will end up in an "estate sale". Still, I keep getting more. :erm:


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            Hi, John!!! Welcome to the forums. I recently was given a book on the history of railroads in Rhode Island that records a diverse variety of standard and narrow gauge lines crisscrossing the tiniest state - may offer you ideas for your layout set in some part of Southern New England.