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F Scale D-and-RGW 315 build

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  • F Scale D-and-RGW 315 build

    Well I'm back after 2 years of pain, ride on engine build and back surgery.Im starting with a undecorated Bachmann C-19. First was the boiler. I sanded and fill all the bands and holes then covered the boiler in a wrap of plastic and plastic bands. Don't mind the cab, It was from an extra boiler will use the correct metal one.

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    The domes where from a mix of Connie and C-19 to get the right size and height


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      To make the extra long tender I used 2 Connie tenders sliced down the middle to cut the width and cut sides to add to the length


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        Hum, part and parcel I'd say the tender is built.


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          Hi Frank, hope all is well.

          Here is a picture of a C-19. You will notice the wheel configuration is slightly different than the C-18 below. Also the C-18 firebox is shorter. Instead of ending in the middle of the third driver it ends a little past the third. This is the hardest part of the conversion. I started last year when I wasn't feeling wheel so I forgot to take pics but what it amounted to was taking the complete frame and wheels apart, cutting out the front two journals making new frame pieces and remounting the journals back. This moves the motor forward so weights had to be trimmed. The firebox was cut back and a new front was put on.

          You can see the rods had to be reconfigured also. The main drive rod connects on the third driver rather than the second on the C-19 so I used a Connie rod and swapped the second and third drivers. The rest of the rods where sliced and diced to align with the wheels. I even used the main rod from the C-19 to make up a piece. I also used a K-27 slide for the crosshead which meant I needed to make new crossheads. I sliced and diced the C-19 crossheads added some plastic and castings to simulate the real one.


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            found a pic of the frame adding the springs back in and the suspension springs back on


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              Wow! Great job! I just picked up an undecorated 2-8-0 to build the same locomotive. I hope you will be posting more updates!