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N-Scale Scratchbuilding Red Hook -and- Tidewater Wharf

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  • N-Scale Scratchbuilding Red Hook -and- Tidewater Wharf

    Hi Forum

    Having lurked on the forum and enjoyed what you members achieved in regard to model building, I thought maybe you might be interested in seeing my attempt to recreate some famous craftman kits in N-Scale.

    I only recently converted - or rather diverged - from HO-Scale, because of the lack of suitable real estate for the larger scale. I approached N-Scale modeling by first designing each building in an open source and free 3D software called Blender, while keeping in mind the limitations of my entry-level 3D printer (a Tevo Tornado modified to print with 0.3 mm nozzle).

    While I am not yet where I want to be, I finished a few of the planned models over the last couple of month'.

    Renderings of the Red Hook Wharf adaption

    A photo of some of the finished models

    I am aware of quite a few issues, that could have been approached better with the right tools. But I am just starting over, so these issues will be addressed as soon as my workshop improves over time.

    Purchasing a 3D printer was a bit like opening Pandora's Box for me. Suddenly I was able to create something on my computer and only hours later I was able to work on the actual model.

    Ever since I became an armchair model railroader sometime during the 80ies, I loved craftman kits and especially the Tidewater Wharf diorama by FSM. Well they have a price tag that is above my current budget and the particular kit is sold out and somewhat hard to find. So I had wanted to scratchbuilt it for a long time.

    It was a given, that the Tidewater Wharf diorama needed to be adapted for my future N-Scale layout. For this scratchbuilding endeavour I purchased the original build instructions and plans, before starting the desing process.

    Renderings of the repair dock

    And two photos of the nearly finished N-Scale model of the same building

    Well, that's it for now and I hope you like what you see. There are quite a few issues related to the printable resolutions of the 3D printer, so I invested into a second machine (the Anycubic Photon, an entry level DLP-Printer). Windows and doors, as well as detail parts should greatly improve using this device.

    If there is some interest, I might write a more indepth decription of my scratchbuilding approach, but that will have to wait for some time, I'm afraid.


    Freelancing and modeling in N-Scale and HO-Scale

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    Mirco, your buildings certainly are impressive and the details in the construction came out terrific. I particularly like the the way the interiors look when viewed through the open doors.


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      Welcome Mirco.

      N-Scale hard to believe you have done such a wonderful job building those structures.

      Keep on posting I'm sure there a lot of guys who will be interested.

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        I'm very impressed with the buildings you've built, Mirco. I'm interest in hearing more about how you constructed them.

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          Pretty amazing. I'd also be interested in your process.



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            Thanks for the kind words. As soon as I get some sparetime, I will try to show the process by documenting my proceedings on one of the other buildings of the Tidewater Wharf diorama adaption.

            Here are two photos that might be better showing the model in comparison to - well - my hand.

            There are still a lot of details and some weathering that need to be done, but I hope to get to it soon and will keep you updated. For examle, I just noticed, I cheated with the insides of the large folding doors ;-)

            Freelancing and modeling in N-Scale and HO-Scale



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              Sehr gut, Micro. I like your Blender renderings too.


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                Excellent Mirco and welcome to the forum!


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                  Great start on Tidewater Wharf. I've had their HO version on my layout for the past 20 years. Full interior detail with lighting. One of my favorite structures. BTW..HO kit is from Builders-In-Scale. Curious to see how you complete this project.



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                    Outstanding work Mirco! I can certainly appreciate the effort required to learn and somewhat master the whole 'additive manufacturing' process. Building the models comes only after a great deal of learning 'how to do it'. I know it's definitely NOT as easy as it looks. My congratulations on taking on the challenge!

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                      Thanks John for correcting that (should have been BIS, not FSM) and sorry for the late reply. I have had a modeling time out for various reasons and have only recently restarted with a much lower amount of spare time for the hobby.

                      I supplemented the Wharf model with a lighthouse. Modelled after the Fisgard Lighthouse in Colwood (Greater Victoria), BC, I thought it might help to place the modeled region westward to British Columbia.

                      Here is a rendering:

                      And some Photos:


                      Looking from the cove:

                      And the rear:

                      And finally from the Repair Dock side (I rotated the lighthouse by 180 degrees).

                      It is still unfinished, but I think for the moment it is recognizable.

                      Next for this project would be the sail maker's warehouse to form the waterfront.

                      Greetings and best wishes

                      Freelancing and modeling in N-Scale and HO-Scale



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                        "Ain't science great"!


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                          Good to see you are still at it! Neat lighthouse. :up:


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                            Great to see another post.

                            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                              Beautiful models. You’re very creative, Mirco.


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