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DCC Track Wiring Question For A Crossover Track

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  • DCC Track Wiring Question For A Crossover Track

    I think I may have a problem when wiring my track. I have a part of the track that crosses over from one side of the total loop to the other. Highlighted in the orange circle. Wiring the circle red to the inside track black to the outside. The crossover track would effectively switch this polarity. Or do I not wire this track and let the switches deal with it?


    Capt. Paul Mansell

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    With DCC, anywhere a locomotive can leave a track segment going in one direction and re-enter it going in the other direction,

    without hitting the 'reverse' button, needs an "auto-reverser".

    On your plan above, the diagonal red line will do this, assuming you've wired the already-built parts of your main loop so the

    outside rails (closest to the table edge) are connected to one buss wire and the inside rails to the other.

    The turntable will need an auto-reverser too.


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      James is right. If you go with an AR1 by Digitrax; that will switch your polarity automatically. As far as your turntable goes, if you have an Atlas type turntable with a split ring, it does not need an auto reverser. A lot of turntables to not have this feature, and need the auto reverser installed.

      The AR-1 comes with a Tunable Trip Current (TTC). In most cases it never needs adjustment, the AR1 works just fine without any adjustment at all.

      Louis L&R Western Railroad
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        Perfect and thanks for the hookup diagram. Luckily all my trains will be short.
        Capt. Paul Mansell