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It's Friday, is everyone sleeping in?

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  • It's Friday, is everyone sleeping in?

    Nice sunny cool fall day in SE NH. Leaves are still on the trees (but that could change tomorrow with wind and rain on the agenda.)

    Coffee's hot. Bagels and cream cheese on the counter.

    I'm over a hump of work due earlier this week, so maybe I'll get back into the basement today.
    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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    Good morning Dave and the rest of the crew. Here near the western edge of the eastern time zone it doesn't get light until. 7:45am, especially on a cloudy day like today. It makes for slow going unfit after that second cup of coffee.

    We went to a water powered mill yesterday that operated until the late 60's. Today it is a cider mill, so we picked up cider, coder cider donuts, a bag of apples, and a loaf of apple Cinnamon bread. Yummy.

    Back to looking for a new kitchen light today.


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      GOOD MORNING Dave and the rest of the RR-L Crew plus the LURKERS too. [}] 43f here in the Crossroads of America, Indianapolis area.

      Had my Oatmeal and tea just waiting for the coffee and Vootman wafers a bit later.

      Here's a photo of an N scale Cigar Store Indian I printed. I've also printed N scale closed and open caskets with lids and I'll be posting those later today.

      Kind of fun. I'm going to see what else I have that can be resized to N scale. Not sure if they'll sell but never know.

      Well, Mary and I need to go down to the hospital and have blood draws done... AGAIN. We had them done at the doctor's office last week and the gal didn't take enough blood so both were rejected because of that. They seem to do better at the hospital clinic.

      Everyone have a Fun and Safe day in the ever changing Train Yard.


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        Good morning Crew, Dave thanks for getting us going. I’ll have one of Bruce’s coder (cider?) donuts.

        The daughter, wife and g/kids are off around 10 to a corn maze, I will be in the trainroom. I have promised myself to do more then run or look only at trains.

        Enjoy your day



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          Mornin' All!

          42, headed for 52 and grey here in the northern mitten today. Bruce, the late morning light is just Dandy, because the afternoon light is late as well. You'll probably notice this in a month or so when you realize that it's not dark until just before five here, or about 45 minutes after it's Very Dark in NJ. And yes, the late light is unfit until after a couple of cups of coffee....

          The "coder donuts" sound interesting... do they work with DCC? Or do I need Decoder donuts for that? The world wonders!

          Make it a great day, All! I have a railroad to build, and need to get at it. Stay safe!


          in Michigan


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            Coder donuts are made by computer, they’re binary, hence you need a coder rather than a cook.

            40s and clouds, the universal weather report for Michigan, it appears. Rain maybe later, but who knows, it’s Michigan. Indeed the time of dark vs not is quite noticeable from one end of the time zone to another. Having my entire existence in the Western edge of the Eastern zone, I cant fathom the early darkness in the period we’re without the daylight savings in effect. A whole lot of what we’ve saved up will be kaput by the time we Spring Ahead....

            Headed to the basement for a couple of hours. Everyone have a good day.
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              Thanks for opening Dave, I'm on my 6th cup. Bruce, thanks for sharing those goodies from the mill.

              "Coder do nuts" aka code monkeys. Which I feel like today as I received "C: Drive Read Failure" messages starting last night, and have been dumping files like crazy to 'the big server' in the shop.

              Have a Super day!

              Take the red pill


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                I'm happy to see all the creativity that my fat finger hitting the "o" key inspired!

                Personally, I think that Coder Donuts are similar to the cookies that websites put on our computers, only more fattening.[:P]


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                  MMMMMMMMM....Donuts.....aaaagghhhhh....(drools on keyboard)

                  No sleeping in for me today, as usual, boys to feed and drive to school. But tomorrow, well, maybe I'll sleep til 7. We'll see.

                  Work continues on the 2-6-0 detailing. Need to redo some rivet decals...I was a little heavy with the solvaset.

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