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    I just got a BLI C&O 4-8-4. It runs intemittantly. I've cleaned the track, the wheels on the engine & tender, looked it all over, can't find a problem. When it runs, it runs very smoothly. I'm thinking about sending it back to BLI. What would you do? Thanks.

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    Do you have a voltmeter? You could tell whether the engine was an open circuit or a short circuit when it stops. Open circuit might be dirt where the wipers pick power up from the wheels, or maybe a bent wiper. Short circuit would usually be related to curves, changes of grade in the track, or uneven track generally. Does it act up in specific places, or randomly anywhere?


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      Actually, it does both.


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        I've heard of BLI GS-4, 4-8-4's having a chassis problem. The first run GS-4's suffered from some reason called teething problems that encountered with the then-new factory BLI had switched over to. BLI had replaced any one with that locomotive with a new chassis. Don't know if that is your problem Rick, but it is worth contacting BLI for possible replacement chassis.

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