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    More to come.

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    Hello again, friends. Welcome to a build of a street scene I found on, the archival vintage photo site. It depicts 4 buildings next to each other in Hagerstown Maryland, in 1937. There were only the following three photographs, luckily there were two shot straight on, in full sun. The actual street name was not available, so I made up "3rd street". These were taken by a popular photojournalist at the time by the name of Arthur Rothstein, who had been hired by the US government to document depression era life in America.

    Fortunately the photos were shot on large 4 X 5 inch negatives, so blowing them up gave me a lot of detail. I also found them in the Library of Congress archives.

    It's been a long time since I had any railroad tracks in my projects, and fortunately there are two in front, which I will include. This is not a 360 degree view-able diorama, so I will not be building these models full depth, but only to the roof peaks.

    To be perfectly clear, I am calling this "semi-scratch" because I will be using some commercial windows and doors, chimneys, shutters etc. The building carcasses, roofs, etc., will be made from common modelers supplies, copied from the photos as close as practical.

    I'm calling these two structures Clap 1 and Clap 2. The tiny one in the middle is "the Very Small Business".

    Right next door, I'm calling these Brick 3 and Brick 4.

    A view from the side with a Western Maryland #209 4-6-2 for good measure. Notice the "very small business" building stands proud of its neighbor. The front picture doesn't show all of Brick 4, so I'll only model what I can see. This view shows there are actually 6 windows on the top floor. The locomotive is blocking the view of the rest of the building.....

    I reduced the images to HO scale, by playing with any and all adjustments, printing out several different size copies, until I found a compromise with known door heights and widths (80" H x 36" wide) Then I measured every single door, window, and gap in HO scale measurements. This allowed me to place an order for Tichy or Grandt Line parts. Several doors will be scratched, and most windows will need "plastic surgery" to achieve the desired effect and dimensions.

    I also drew a HO scale sketch onto my scale graph paper. I won't need any mock-ups, since these will be just the front walls, and half (to the gable peak) of the sides.

    While waiting for supplies, I tackled the storefront areas on Brick 3 first. Many tall glass windows, recessed doors and a stairwell.

    I actually built right on top of the "HO scale" photo first, to lay out a 4 x 4 for the basic frame, with 2 x 4 for some horizontals. Then I carefully moved it onto my 1 square equals 1 foot HO scale paper sheet..Used card for the fill-in blanks, and 1 x 2 for vertical window muntins. Top header was run long for handling.

    Built matching side "window walls" for the recessed openings and painted an olive green, with gray dry brushing.

    Many things are being prepped here, including the center stairwell with walls, and windows are glazed. All doors in this area will be scratched with strip wood on card. I found on-line the actual circus posters and worlds fair advertising used in the windows, copied and glued.

    Assembled and glued the right side door opening. Done for now...

    Till next time....some steps and stairs....


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      hot diggity dog! another carlb project! i'm in for the long haul.


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        Very well done, so far, Carl. Looking forward to following this.


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          Looking great so far, can't wait to see more


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            The posters on the windows look really good!

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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              Carl good to see you back in work mode. These are terrific examples to build and should make for another great piece.


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                Carl, What a FANTASTIC project and you have done a great start. I will be checking in every day.




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                  I subscribed to this topic, Carl. That is a group of structures full of character. Brick 4 is really interesting wiht the recessed stairway and odd bay-like window. But, they are all interesting and your build will be fun to follow.



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                    Another fine scene under development! All the buildings have engaging architectural feature and would individually make beautiful models.


                    Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                      Appreciate all your comments Kevin, Fred, John, Dave, Frank, Bob, Chuck and Mike!

                      These buildings have mesmerized me with their character, and I'll have to keep my "thinking cap" on throughout! How to recreate some things is baffling me right now- but I'll plow through it!

                      Thanks for your support!


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                        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                        Cedar Swamp
                        SW of Manistique, MI

                        Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                          Great way to kick off "Training" for the autumn, Carl! The sun has just set here in the northern mitten, and it was a glorious sunset, but I cannot help but notice that it's an hour-and-a-half earlier than it was just two very short months ago....

                          You're inspiring a lot of folks with this build! :up:

                          I did "invest" (ummm ... yeah, that's the right word... "invest") a bunch of time this afternoon on Google maps trying to figure out where in Hagerstown this block actually was. Came up empty, though. Interestingly, the photo doesn't show in the "Google Images" stuff either, although I did find a pic apparently taken right down the street. Oh, well.

                          Keep the Good Things coming! Please!!


                          in Michigan


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                            Carl, I'd be in remiss if not subscribed to your new and exciting project'. This going to be another outstanding and educational build from you'.. I'll be watching very closely'...



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                              Looks like a good project, will be watching.