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    I received this e-mail July 30 :

    Sayonara Shinohara

    An iconic brand says goodbye and what it means for the rest of us

    Hi John,

    In case, you missed the news back in April, the Japanese track manufacturer Shinohara announced that it would be ceasing track production.

    This means that the Shinohara and Walthers Shinohara brands will soon be no more.

    (This brings a bit of a nostalgic tear to my eye because my very first layout was built largely with Shinohara track.)

    As you know, Shinohara makes all kinds of awesomeness such as curved turnouts, double crossovers, and double slip switches, Shinoharaas well as flex track, bridge track, and other goodness.

    All that will soon be toast.

    The good news is that our rep at Walthers has informed us that the Walthers Shinohara brand will live on, albeit under another name.

    They are currently in talks to have another manufacturer produce the track. The bad news is, no one knows how long that will take. If you remember a few years back when Atlas switched (pardon the pun) track suppliers, their track was unavailable for a couple of years!


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    Well might be good news for some of us that are or have been trying to sell-trade our stash of code 100 Shinihara. TOF


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      Do/will they still make locomotives? Or am I thinking a different company?


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        Shinohara has no rolling stock in their lineup.

        You must mean Tenshodo?
        Michael Graff

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          Originally posted by darryl.trains

          Well might be good news for some of us that are or have been trying to sell-trade our stash of code 100 Shinihara. TOF

          I just found this out myself the other day while at the LHS. I went there to get a replacement #7 1/2 RH Curved turnout. He only had 1 left, and went on to explain about Shinohara ceasing operations. I was shocked! My layout is largely Shinohara, which remains my preferred brand of track. So while I was there, I decided to grab a Code 70 30 degree crossing that I may need for a change I am pondering, but, no such luck! He looked it up in the system and sure enough, it looks like they are already no longer available. So, if you even think you may need any track, grab it now!

          As for those of us who have extra track, like me, hold on to it! I have at least 50 extra turnouts, mostly code 70, that I have collected over the years in anticipation of building my current layout. These are left overs that I was recently planning to sell, but with this news, I may just hold on to them as their value may go up!