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  • DIY Sanding Block

    Probably a tool I would have used many times to correct surface problems. After attempts to 'level' paint in awkward and tight spots, I made up a miniature sanding block. The flat is 4mm X 14mm. No particular reason I chose that size. The 'sander' was drawn and the then 3D printed using ABS plastic. I tried automotive type of self-adhesive paper with poor results. The small size gives a poor gripping area. So, I switched to standard sandpaper and put a dab of CA on the 'flat' and then applied the paper. After the paper loads up with dust, it is easily peeled off the tool. Reapplying fresh sandpaper is a snap. This is a tool that you could easily make on library 3D printer. It looks like I can't upload the .stl file here. It's tiny less than 2KB but the forum won't accept the .stl file format. If you want to try it, PM me and I'll send it to you. I printed off 10 of them to load up and use at one time, then reload.

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    Someone tell you to get a grip?

    Interesting peek at the pax car, too. [:-magnify]

    Inventive, pla or abs?
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      The pax car is mostly ABS some of the extraneous parts are PLA. Even with the heated bed, I had some build lines that showed through with the first coat of paint. :erm:

      I just put a second coat on them. We'll see. That silver paint shows every defect. Looks like they might end up with Winter weathering.

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        Interesting tool, Jim. Every once in a while there's a need for a small sanding stick.

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          [^]Cool and practical Jim'..I'll take a few of them, thank you'...