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    Dr. Stears posted this over on the C&Sng forum:

    "After many months of careful evaluation and planning I am happy to announce that Doug Junda and I are finishing up the acquisition and merger of Grandt Line Products, The San Juan Car Co., San Juan Decals, American Limited Models and The Leadville Shops.

    At the request of the Grandt family the "Grandt Line" name has been retired. The extensive Grandt Line catalog of detail parts and kits is being merged with the detail parts and kits offered by The San Juan Car Co.

    This new combined catalog of well over 1000 detail parts, as well as the combined HOn3 and On3/On30 kits of both companies, will be available directly from The San Juan Car Co. web site as well as from our current distributers.

    The extensive line of high quality screen printed water slide deals produced in house by San Juan Decals will be augmented by the dozens of decal sets offered by The Leadville Shops. This growing catalog of decals will also available directly from the San Juan Car Co. web site. In addition, San Juan Decals will continue to offer custom design and screen printing of the highest quality water slide decals.

    American Limited Models will continue to offer high quality imported HO scale RTR models as well as other new RTR models of interest to members of the C&Sn3 community.

    Please watch the "Swap Meet" section of this blog, as well as The San Juan Car Co. web site, for announcements of new model railway projects.

    Best Regards,

    Bob and Doug"

    It seems clear from his words here that the intent is to continue the entire catalog of Grandt details, and, in separate posts, he also explicitly said they plan to continue the HOn3 Grandt car kits as well as the G scale line of details, among other products from all of the companies.

    By the way, if anyone is not familiar with The Leadville Shops or its predecessors, including ProtoWest and The Cimarron Works, Bob and Doug have been involved in the business for a number of years, producing very high-end products primarily in On3 and Sn3, but also some in HO, O, and S. I have a number of their kits and they are all of superb quality, but what's really impressive and exciting about their work is how they've continued to employ evolving technology to make ever more accurate craftsman kits. The Leadville Shops kits - their current endeavor - use a variety of materials including laser cut wood, etched and cast brass, injection-molded plastic, and 3D printed details, complemented by exceptional decals. I can't imagine a better pair of gentlemen for these companies to be acquired by. Of course, I'm a little biased by the fact that most of their products align almost perfectly with my interests. Regardless, I think this is VERY good news for those of us in this corner of the hobby.



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      Chris, That's some Good News