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    A Happy Fathers' Day to my fellow dads! It is 65 degrees and sunny here in the Jersey Highlands.

    Breakfast today includes fresh berries, hot corn muffins, and eggs with Taylor Ham. The coffee is our Railbender Blend.

    I mowed the lawn for the last time yesterday. I will be bringing the tractor and hand mower out to Michigan at the end of the week and a landscaper will take care of the lawn after that.

    Plans for the day include more packing once the movers drop off the empty boxes some time today.

    What is on your agenda?

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    Good morning Bruce and all Fathers out there what a hot day good day to stay in the basement. Yesterday was Lucy’show and was a great time lots of people some even buying. Today the kids are taking Lucy and me out to dinner later. Have a good day. Tom


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      Happy Father's Day Bruce, and the incoming crew.

      It is 75 with 90% humidity here in N.E. Indiana with 100+ heat index later. :yuck:

      Looks like a good day to hideout in the airconditioning. This old house doesn't have central air because it has no furnace or ductwork. I'm too old to try to revamp the structure, so a few cool rooms are good.

      Maybe we'll venture over to the 765 engine house and see what's going on there, late this afternoon.

      Have a Super day!

      Take the red pill


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        Sunny and in the 80s this morning, to hit 90 or so by later in the day. The Doll’’s thermal compass has the air conditioner back on this morning. She said it was humid outside. I’ve not ventured yet but have plans to do so. Lunch today at my older son’s place in nearby Portland, MI.

        We had a good session at the SVOS in Grand Rapids yesterday. I found out in discussions that my supposed electrical problem on my layout wasn’t a problem. Once home I managed to get a couple of trains to run just fine and my stress level reduced on that front. After I do some track cleaning i plan on making a end to end run for the first time. I have so much more work to do before the convention in October I’m not sure I’ll get there. At least I have the very basic infrastructure in the 90% ready to roll status. BAckdrops, Chris Lyon style, to do and tons of basic scenery.

        Happy FATHERS’ DAY to us all.
        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

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          Mornin' All!

          Happy Fathers' Day to the Dads here!

          It's partly cloudy, 83, feels like 90 and headed to "scotcha" today in the northern mitten. The thunder rumbled most of the night, but in the distance, the weather radar says it's all going north of here, and the sky says "stand by for an important announcement." Watching the boomers build is cool, as long as I don't have to go flying in them!

          Made few more baby steps on the March of Progress yesterday and this morning. Painted a "fix" on a scratch-built locomotive I'm trying to finish, and may attempt some work on a couple of cabooses. Then it's off to the store for the Sunday Thrills....

          Make it a great day, folks, celebrate dad and stay safe!


          in Michigan


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            The hot and humid weather the rest of you are getting is starting to build up in SE NH. Tomorrow sounds absolutely miserable. Wife made me waffles for Father's Day, and the dogs were particularly affectionate.

            More work on track today, I think. This part is turning into a real grind. But I know if the track's not right, the trains won't run.

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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              Good afternoon out East and good morning here and westward. So. Wisconsin is steamy humid, 91 now and heading a little higher. Cut my walk in the shaded woods down to 35 minutes from the normal 1 hour.

              I have been online since returning on the MRH forums as part of a Dead Rail discussion and also a ProtoThrottle one. Interesting reading.

              Still home alone but the g/s and his dad should be over around 3 for brats and Italian sausage. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Miss you dad!



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                OK, folks, dinner is up!

                It's down to 92, feeling like 99 here in the northern mitten, the really interesting uglies appear to be going well north of us, at least according to the radar map, and both kids have checked in, so they're still in the Will.

                Grill is up, chicken, burgers and brats, and there are a couple of iced tubs over in the shade (what there is of it) with beer, sodas and mostly whites, although I think there's a nice pinot noir near the top in there somewhere as well. Baked beans, cold slaw, fresh fruits and fresh tomato slices are up. I hear noises over by the fryer, so Jim may be laying down some french fries as well. Can't quite see from here.... Plates, napkins and condiments are in the usual locations.

                What have all y'all been doing today? Other than "enjoying" the heat, that is....

                Whatever it may be, again, Happy Fathers' day to the Dads, and please, all, stay safe!


                in Michigan