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    The sky's are brightening over Poquoson, Virginia, so breakfast is ready for you early risers. Eggs any way you like, biscuits and gravy, grits and hash browns. Coffee is a special Heisler Blend. For Walt and his friends we have a pot of porridge and hot water for tea on the stove.

    I just dropped my grandson and his bride off at the airport so they can fly off on their honeymoon. We had a great weekend with family and friends.

    Have a good day.

    With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.

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    Good Morning from the eastern end of Lake Ontario:

    Thanks for the hearty breakfast. Many menu items we cannot get here, "north of the border". Always a treat to have biscuits and gravy, and grits when travelling throughout the States.

    Sunny and 13C/56F currently. We were up early as well to drop off my youngest daughter at her school for her field trip to the Ripley's Aquarium and Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. Great day around these parts for a road trip.

    Back at home, we will be doing errands and yard work, with a chance of some time in the train room to put together an HO scale test track for speed matching locomotives. I have started the process using a Sprog 3 controller, Accutrack II speedometer, and Decoder Pro. So far, using our newest laptop and the other hardware, it has been very educational and enjoyable.

    Have fun today,



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      Good morning George, Michael and the rest of the RR-L Crew. No, it's RAINING and RAINING and also RAINING here in Central Indiana. Has been for two days and expected to last ALL WEEK. Otherwise it's just a bit damp.[}] Issue for me is when the T-Storms roll in every so often I need to unplug the laser cutter so it doesn't get zapped.

      Oatmeal and tea for me. I need to do some work in the garage this morning. The large air-compressor has a leak somewhere and runs a lot more than it should. Need to find that leak and fix it soon. Always something it seems.

      Everyone have a FUN and SAFE day in the WET train Yard.


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        Gloomy, rainy day here in No. VA so far. Good day to work in the shop, on the layout, in the office with both Editor's hats on.

        New freezer supposed to be delivered late this afternoon - can't wait to see if we have to take the one door off the hinges and maybe take the door off the freezer to get it to its new home. Fun....
        In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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          Good morning from sunny and breezy Holly Michigan where it is currently 58 degrees. It should get into the upper 70's today.

          A little more truck unloading today, then some yard work and a trip to town.

          Have a great day!


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            Sunny and cool here to the middle western part of Michigan. Yesterday’s grey, damp and occasional rain has moved on. It rained off and on at the NASCAR race in MICH but it did finally run to a completion, that I missed. I did a bit more work on the layout. Last evening we went over to friends and had a nice visit and fresh strawberry shortcake.

            Not sure on the day’s plans yet. Just chilling this morning. Sausage, biscuits and grits sound tempting.

            Everyone enjoy the day.
            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

            Cedar Swamp
            SW of Manistique, MI

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              Good morning George, Michael, Walt, Marty, and the incoming crew! No drought here in N.E. Indiana, non-stop rain here for the past four days, and projected for the upcoming week. :erm: I think I heard Myna birds whistling out there. If I see a monkey in the trees, we'll achieve jungle status. Thanks for the coffee and breakfast!

              Sounds like everyone is on the mend or at least not heading to the sawbones. :up:

              I continued digging through the old cave yesterday, and it was like an archaeological dig. I discovered long lost hobbies and interests of the past. Man, I've sure bounced through a lot of hobbies. I uncovered a stash of Walters building papers with a price tag of 4 sheets for $.25. Electronic components that belong in a museum, End mills, drills, chunks of aluminum, brass, and steel. How about an extra set of hardened copper flue tubes for a 4-4-0 1/8th scale American. The boiler was sold probably 30 years ago. My old Kraft 5 channel RC transmitter, receiver, and servos with completely depleted NiCad batteries. Yep, I'm feeling like Indiana Jones.

              Have a Super day.

              Take the red pill


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                Good morning Crew, thanks George for opening. Raining still, heavy at times. It does feel like being in a tropical greenhouse, no fun.

                There will be trainroom time but I have not decided on my addition to the layout. That big hole where the wall was is definitely enticing. I have shelves to build in the shop area and a bench for the work area. It will happen. Enjoy your day.



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                  Mornin' All!

                  Yep, it's still morning, but not by much.... 72 and sunny here in the northern mitten, headed for 80-something and very pleasant out there. Of course we could use some of the rain, but....

                  Jim, watch out for snakes. Those pythons get big, hungry and real quiet in the jungle....

                  Well, the motivation/energy congruence didn't happen yesterday, and so far today, although the motivation and some of the necessary energy are there the "Ya Gotta Do this Now" list is also staring at me, so I suppose I need to go Do. :erm:

                  Thanks for the "brunch," George. Gotta run.... [:-bunny]

                  Make it a great day, folks, and say safe!


                  in Michigan