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  • Wednesday morning lounge

    Good morning crew from clear and a chilly 45 N.E.Indiana. Hard time crawling out of the sack this morning. Perfect sleeping weather. But I heard scratching on the door and knew it was time to get te Boilermaker Brew ready. The griddle is heating up, and the pancakes and sausage patties will be coming off in a few minutes. Have a second cup.

    I made a tool last night to change out some ball bearings in one leg of the delta printer. It's an engineering change that I can do here, but it will take it down for a day or two. (depending on me ).

    I did a little bodywork on the passenger cars yesterday, and if it warms up out in the shop, maybe the second coat later.

    That's what's going on here. Whattya doin?

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 55 degrees and cloudy here in northern NJ. It will be another day in the mid-60's here today.

    I got most of the lawn mowed yesterday, with just a bit of trimming left for today. I also want to finish the barn clean-out and then get back into the train room for more cleaning. The end is in sight.

    We have the first of the moving companies coming today for a quote, and more tomorrow. We are looking at an early July move.

    Have a great day!


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      Sunny and just cracked into the 50s here in MI. Dittos on the sleeping weather.

      I started a wiring project on the layout yesterday, hope to power up the track work I've been doing.

      I can hear the John Deere calling me out to mow sometime today.

      Bruce, it sounds like an Independance Day to celebrate around the move. Settle in by Labor Day?

      Everyone have a good day.
      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

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        Originally posted by k9wrangler

        Bruce, it sounds like an Independance Day to celebrate around the move. Settle in by Labor Day?

        Hopefully before August 1st.


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          Sun playing peek-a-boo thus far in SE PA. Had more rain last evening. Luckily, I had been able to get the cover off the pool and the ladders installed, then shocked it. Water in pretty good shape considering the winter and all the maple tree crap that the spring brought.

          Managed to get some track work started while enjoying the Phils winning one.


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            Good morning, everyone!

            Bruce and a couple other guys stopped by, yesterday, to evaluate my ballasting work on my layout for the NMRA Civil Engineer certificate. And, I passed. So, that really made my day. It was nice to have everyone over. Bonnie even came with Bruce. The last time she was here, the area of my mine was getting redone...and it was a shock for her to see it that way. A lot has changed since then.

            And, last night I had an NMRA staff meeting via conference call. That was a first and it went pretty well. I have a few todo's as a result of that call. I'll get to them, later.

            In the meantime, I think I will head back to the workbench and start my next project.



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              Good morning Crew from So. Wisconsin where it is overcast at 59 heading to mid 70’s. No rain unless you are in the wrong spot today. Thanks for opening and breakfast Jim, I’ll have a diet Dr. Pepper to get me going.

              I am taking the grandson on the ATV later this morning and soccer practice at 6 this evening. The 2 of us will have an enjoyable day. Have a great day.



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                Mornin' All!

                It's a glorious day to sleep in, so I did. Sort of.... 61 and what the WWs are describing as "mostly cloudy," but what looks to me like a high, thin layer of cirrus working in, presaging some showers for the weekend.

                I did my part for the Sleeping Weather folks yesterday-- spent the day at the dealer while they changed out the snow tires, set me up with new road tires, aligned everything and generally tweaked the vehicle for the summer. Back today to do the same with the "new" car, which I bought in July. This should be a far shorter process.

                But with the snow tires off, you can blame me for the temperature drop. Enjoy!

                Bruce, August first sounds like a good day for a Road Trip! Hope the move goes well....

                Chuck, congratulations on the Civil certificate! Keep going! :up:

                Gotta run.... Never enough time! [:-bunny]

                Make it a great day, folks, and stay safe.


                in Michigan


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                  Good afternoon, Jim and crew. I spent the morning at the airport USO and it's time for a bike ride. The weather here in Tidewater Virginia is in the 70's, so no excuses for avoiding outdoor activities.

                  Congratulations, Chuck. You're well on your way to MMR.

                  Have a good day.

                  With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.