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Chapala, Mexico

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  • Chapala, Mexico

    "The Gringo Zone" includes the largest collection of Americans and Canadians in the world outside of the US and Canada. About 14,000 Gringos (And No, it is not an insult) live here.

    Is there anybody else in the Lake Chapala area?
    Vincent Massi

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    Okay, I just read the rules.

    VRE (Vincent's Railroad Empire) has three HO and one battery-powered train. I only started in January and have a lot to learn, but my wife and I are having a wonderful time building and improving the lay-out.
    Vincent Massi


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      Photos, we need PHOTOS here Vince.


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        OK, I tried to load a photo and it says "Operation Not Allowed."
        Vincent Massi


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          Joe (our forum operator) promises to keep all of our photos available, no matter how old the thread gets. But for this to work, we must shrink the files we upload - 100 kilobytes is good, which you can usually get by using 800x600 pixels and JPEG quality of 80%. Microsoft & Apple keep rearranging their photo tools, but it can be done with built-in tools from either company. The photo file's name also has to follow some rules, pure alphanumeric names work fine.

          Details can be found here:


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            The photos are a little tricky at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. There are a few spots on the forum that highlight how to upload photos. There are two important things to know. #1 keep the file size to no larger than around 100KB. #2 use regular file names like, ABC123.jpg and NOT X/$Y*Z.PNG. Special characters aren't understood. After you first couple of photos, it's easy.


            :erm: Ace'd out by James.
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