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  • Pullout work trays

    On my last project, I added a pullout tray to my workbench using an inexpensive celotex-like framed bulletin board from Target and a pair of computer keyboard pullout slides. The slides mount to the sides and underneath of the bulletin board and lock in the outmost position. I have them set so that when it is closed there is about 1-3/4" of space between the surface of the bulletin board surface and the underside of the bench top.

    Here you can see it with the templates for my project stapled down and covered with wax paper. Easy to slide work in progress out of harms way...

    When closed you can see my rolled up cotton food service apron that is screwed to the bottom edge of the board.

    The pullout worked so well I added pullouts on either side! I used the same type of keyboard suspensions but with 3/4 plywood. Real handy for placing open boxes of parts, paint, etc.

    The suspensions are about $18 a pair from Lee Valley, depending on size,

    Hope this helps!

    Eric Bergh
    Learn by Doing!

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    Good idea, Eric. I use the pull-out drawer on my desk for modeling on, and the desk for all the supplies I am using at the time. I hadn't thought about it, but I could take the drawer out and put in a slide away shelf. Might work better for me. Something I will consider.
    Tony Burgess

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      Where's The like button !!

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      Thanks Eric Great Idea

      I don't think I will be on my own if I copy this.

      Cheers Tom.


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        I got a wire bin and some sectional silverware tray organizers at a Container Store. I cut some grooves into wood to hold the bin, and then mounted this underneath my workbench to hold scraps.

        It's really handy to be able to reach in and pull out a bit of wood or styrene.

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