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Figuring out the NCE Light-It for Structures

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  • Figuring out the NCE Light-It for Structures

    Ever since I re-started in railway modelling I had the goal to use my education and experience to provide some sort of computer automation to enhance it. The comeback has been slow for various reasons, but mostly to not having the time or resources to play with (semi-)automation. Well, the time has come to get into it with the release of the NCE Illuminator and Light-It lighting modules.

    So I jumped in with both feet and quickly ended up neck deep in alligators trying things out. I have created a number of videos on YouTube documenting my journey with all the ups and downs of what I found using the NCE lighting products in my structures. Yes, my focus has just been on my structures and may not translate well into other uses.

    So my goals are simple, find out a way to have DCC control of my structure lighting with various effects to set the mood. Then automate them through the use of TrainController Bronze. I'm not too sure how to do this or even if it is possible, but that is part of the fun.

    Here is a link to the playlist in YouTube with all I have gone through so far. More will be added when I do and learn more.

    I would suggest you subscribe to the Justice City Diorama channel to get notifications when I upload new videos.

    I hope you enjoy them and find something that is useful in you modelling.