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    I have found push drills very convenient for drilling pilot holes for screws etc. under the layout. But those made with a collet don't grip drills very well, particularly larger than 1/16".

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    I found this push drill somewhere, can't recall if it was a 'tool table' at a show or on the web. It came with a flimsy 3-jaw keyless chuck - when I tightened it, the outer shell slipped on the base it was pressed onto. An hour doing web searches didn't reveal anything of obviously better quality, so:

    The thread the chuck mounted to appears to be something metric, but the outside diameter was within range for 5/16-24, which I have a die for. I'd been using a small Jacobs chuck inherited from another modeler as a pin vise and liking it, so I ordered a Jacobs 6204D ($77 via Amazon).

    Alas, the 5/16-24 die was working fine but the torque sheared the connection from the spiral shaft to the lower grip. I completed the thread and now I have a nicer pin vise (upper center). But if I could find another similar push drill, I'd put the threading torque on the 'barring' hole visible between the grip and the chuck. Anyone recognize the original drill?


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      Garrett Wade Classic is a good Push Drill. Saw one on Amazon, 'bout 90 bucks, but has some of the highest reviews. It stores the bits in the drill handle.
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        I suppose the limited choice of hole diameters would be OK if I was exclusively drilling pilot holes.


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          Looks like direct might be a better deal.

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