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  • P-B-L Sn3 kits!

    I have just completed P-B-L's 1-PBL-R43 Steel Under-framed C&S/RGS stock car. I was surprised at how poorly written the instruction where! I finally went to the scale drawings of the car, in the middle of the 24 pages of instructions and built the car from these drawings, instead of confusing myself by attempting to read the instructions!

    Does anyone else have an opinion on n P-B-L's kits?

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    I’m not familiar with this particular kit, as the steel underframe is generally too modern for my 1907 era, but I believe these kits were acquired from Overland many years ago so PBL may not be entirely to blame. I’m currently building a stock of kits for my future Sn3 roster and the PBL pieces I’ve picked up appear to have rather good instructions, as is their reputation. Was your kit newly produced or older stock? I wonder if perhaps they were or are produced with the previous manufacturer’s instructions.


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      Don't know how old; or, new. Who ever wrote the instructions states that he thought the builder would be someone who wants to Get On with the project and; so, that is the reason for skipping around. I do have difficulties at times, with reading instructions, especially if they do not use what I feel is a logical sequence. In the end, I was able to build the car with all the parts in the correct locations; so, what I felt as a lack of clarity became a moot point!