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Unusual problem with Sintra PVC board

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  • sgtbob
    Thanks for the heads up Ray. I usually use styrene but I do have some sintra on hand.

    More importantly, WOW!! Looks like Mr. Dunakin is starting a new build. Can't wait to see what it is.



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  • Ray Dunakin
    started a topic Unusual problem with Sintra PVC board

    Unusual problem with Sintra PVC board

    I just encountered an unusual problem with some Sintra PVC foam board I bought back in July. I started using some of the 3mm sheets a few days ago, and had a structure partially assembled. Then it started coming apart. The glue I normally use was not adhering to it at all, which is really weird. So I tried sanding the surface, and discovered it had a super thin layer of clear vinyl or something on one side! In all the years I've been using Sintra I've never seen that before.

    I couldn't tell by looking at the sheets that there was any kind of coating, and there was nothing in the ordering or packaging info that mentioned it. But apparently it's supposed to be peeled off.

    I had some 1mm sheets in that same order, and those did not have the peel off coating.

    Anyway, I just thought I should give you guys a heads up on this potential issue.