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  • YA3DP

    YA3DP? Yet Another 3D Project. How many times have seen the old Roundhouse kits with either 3 or 6 stalls? Where is the 4, 5, 7, 8, or 10 stall version? Not to be found. (Of course you buy 4 kits and throw away everything you didn't need.

    This 3D printer over here is always on the lookout for a challenge. So a roundhouse that would 'house' a BigBoy along with several steam locomotives sounded like a good project. I've found out some new tricks along the way. First trick, you can't make a 455mm long piece on a 280mm work surface. So that necessitated smaller sections to be built. I wanted to be able to have a long enough lead track from the 130' turntable to display the engine. So the old calculator came out, and the drawing began. 18 possible stalls would give me plenty of room to detail the inside of the roundhouse. 20 degrees between stall doors. 130' front door to the back wall. My printer will print within a 250mm circle, but figuring in the height of the object, that 250mm shrinks quickly. So I settled on 160mm as my longest built length. CA glue will have to come into play.

    Here's some of the build shots, of the first section. Yep they're fuzzy!

    Double the width.

    The 'rock face' took a couple of evenings to draw in the CAD program to get a decent mix of size and spacing.

    A lot of work yet to do, to make it look recognizable. I'm keeping all my dimensions to where I could build it in S or O gauge with a few keystrokes. Anyway, this is what I've been toying around with.


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    And you are doing some serious messing with my head here, Jim!




    in Michigan


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      My head also hurts. Jim is a very talented dude.



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        Nice, Jim. :up:

        The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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          That's good stuff! How long did that take to print?


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            Jim, and you do all this in your own backyard? Not only are you burley but you're darned good. You had me with that YA3DP title, I had to see what tha' heck that was.


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              Pete, Ed, George, Bill, and Frank. Thanks for the comments.

              Bill, I'm using a .35mm nozzle on the printer which gives great resolution, but is R E A L L Y slow. The rear roof panel took 4 hours. On the upside, there is about $1.68 of plastic filament used so far. . The side pieces take about 30 minutes each depending on whether I can fit one or two on the hot bed. I'm running another roof set right now for bay #2. I'll probably switch to a 1mm nozzle and cut that time to a third of what it is on those roof panels.

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                Excellent project. Very ambitious for sure. Love to see a photo of your 'foundry' at work. It might give a better idea about the hot bed, etc.

                I'd never get past the CAD part.
                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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                  Karl, if you come to the Grand Rapids NCR Convention Sept. 15th-16th, I'll give you a front row seat at my clinic at 1300 on the 16th. You might even win a prize.

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                    Very nice Jim. It shold turn out spectacularly.
                    It's only make-believe


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                      Jim...Very impressive work!



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                        I think you are having far too much fun. Very nice-looking work.


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                          Thanks Bob, Dave, and Mike. Yes, it's fun for the most part.

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                            Looking pretty good there James'..And yes', we can tell you are certainly having fun'...

                            Love it. nothing like a big kid with his toys'..I'm told, boys never grow up, just grow old'...[:-dopey]



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                              Impressive! Jim, I'm not sure whether to be envious or hate you! I just spent a few months kitbashing a Heljin roundhouse, swearing and cussing all the way with cutting all of the different angles, etc. And now you do this??? Do a little drawing, push a button and BAM, there it is! Darn you! :erm: :erm: :erm: