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    Need help

    Although it is not in the style or the era of my layout, I will want for fun to build this locomotive, would any of you have a plan or lack the essential dimensions for this realization?

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    It looks to be nothing more than a doodlebug body with a locomotive engine nose added.

    I'd have to guess it is some type of Plymouth switcher engine, added to the front of a Doodlebug type locomotive.

    New York, New Haven & Hartford motor car, engine number 9006, from the Otto C. Perry Collection Photographed: at Beacon, N.Y., August 12, 1932 { Built 1924 by Sykes/St. Louis Car (one of ten in this class), 120 Hp, mechanical transmission, retired in 1938}

    Louis L&R Western Railroad
    Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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      Looks like it was for the Chicago Great Western Railroad. If you can make out the number on the side it would give you something to do a search on.


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        First item on this list is your Motor Car.

        Gives some good info and at least a starting point.

        And, here's a bit more info.


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          The Chicago Great Western was bought by the Chicago & North Western in the 1960s. The C&NW Historical Society embraces the CGW too.

          They might have what's called a 'car diagram' of your prototype. It would include overall dimensions, wheel sizes, window glass sizes etc.

          It would also be worth searching the WWW for 'Sykes gasoline railcar'. There's a patent, and I think the bodies were standardized - height, roof shape, etc. would be the same even if the window/door layout varied. The St. Louis Museum of Transport would also know if any St. Louis Car Co. records are available.


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            Model Railroader ran a set of plans for a Sykes Railbus in the 1980s. The car was for the NYO&W which was controlled by the New Haven at the time.



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              Drawings in April 1983 MR page 115.


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                Thanks to all for this info