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Dan's scratchbuild/kitbash/craftsman kit thread.

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  • Dan's scratchbuild/kitbash/craftsman kit thread.

    Hi guys and gals,

    I've been working on a fair few structures recently, in multiple different medias, whether they be full scratchbuilds, kitbashes of existing kits or craftsman kit builds.

    Most are in N scale but a few O scale structures may show up as I go.

    I thought I'd put them here in a collected thread rather than putting up individual threads for each one and spamming the board!

    First up, a bait and tackle shop built from plans in the April 1987 Model Railroader.

    It's built from multiple materials, including matt board, texture papers, plastic parts, and stripwood.

    I'll add more as I go.

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    you DO anticipate some concern over the rear landing.....


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      Yup, most definitely. The wood is WAY overscale, but it's the thinnest basswood I can find in the UK. HO and O scale timbers are so easy to find here. N scale, not a chance. I had to cut that myself from the thinnest basewood sheet I could get.

      I'm contemplating just using a sheet of Clevermodels wood planking texture papers, creating a mirror image of the same on an image manipulation site, and printing both out, then sticking them back to back and just cutting out individual planks of "wood" from the paper instead.

      It seems to me to be the only way to get actual scale sized wooden planks in N scale.


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        A 2" rail is approx..015" in N scale. Double sheets of paper sounds like a good idea. If to flimsy, glue textured paper to a stiffer cardstock. You can also buy thin plastic sheets >015" - .020", slit to planks and paint.

        Working in N scale sure has it's challenges.

        Looking forward to your work.



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          Can you get Evergreen or similar styrene strips? Evergreen has .015 strips.

          Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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            I could probably go with styrene strips, but I prefer to build in wood and paper. I'll try with some of the double-sided paper first, see how I get on.

            All I need to do really is replace the railings, I think.


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              Dan, I was thinking, what about tooth picks. That may work really well'...A tooth pick can't be much more than 0.15" and will blend better than what you have now'...



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                US tooth picks tend to be a lot finer than UK ones. Not sure our's would work.

                I do have a load of them though...


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                  Dan, Nice work, and I admire your willingness to listen to advice. We all should do it more.

                  Well not me, I'm perfect. But the rest of you.



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                    To be honest, Ed, I was pretty happy with the build as it is. Now that the overscale balcony has been pointed out I can't un-see it. It's got to be fixed now!


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                      Dan, what about wooden match sticks, the small ones in the fancy little boxes'...

                      PM me your mailing address: i'll send you a couple of boxes of flat & round tooth picks...

                      You'll need plenty of them as you continue to build...



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                        I really like your shingles, they look great

                        As for the balcony railings try using 1/64 plywood, cut into scale strips,

                        failing this use cardstock, such as from cereal boxes and the like.

                        you will be happier.


                        (card will be much easier to work with)


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                          I did a scratch built N scale staircase in the following thread you could look at, although I did rebuild the railings later in the thread to a finer material which looked better.


                          You will hopefully get some ideas from that N build thread, but if you have any questions/comments please post them there and that way I will get a 'notification' and be able to respond quicker.



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                            Thanks Karl, much appreciated.

                            Thanks everyone for the feedback, it's much appreciated, for sure. Got to strive to improve, or what's the point, right?


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                              Somehow I missed this thread. Nice looking building, did you replace the balcony Dan?