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    Nice looking critter, Glen. I stopped by Walmart this morning and our local store didn't have gray primer either.

    The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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      A few small diesel projects on the workbench.

      Proto1000 F-3 a&b units.

      I already did the A unit a number of years ago (it's at the front of the thread) But since then I found a proper Proto drive for it to replace the Bachmann Plus drive.

      A couple weeks ago I took a quick trip to Calgary, Alberta and found the matching B unit in a hobby shop there. It was in the used section for 50$ and it had a broken ladder but I figured the price was okay.

      When I got it home I took the shell of and discovered it was DCC/ sound equipped. It has an early soundtrax decoder in it but it runs and sound good. I changed it's address to match the A unit and also changed the horn to match the blaaaat honker horns on the A. They run pretty good together at lower speeds, which is all I run at anyway.

      I'll be adding a few details to the engines. The A unit needs a new speed recorder and the B will be getting new lifting eyes on the roof, cut bars, MU hoses and some paint detailing.

      I also plan to try out the American Limited Diaphragms on them.

      At the same time I bought the b unit I found a stewart F3a unit in the hobby shop's scrap shell bin that I can get the missing ladder off of.

      At about the same time I found an intermountain F-7 shell on Ebay for 20$ I figured I couldn't paint one and add the details for that so it was a pretty good deal.

      Especially since I had a Stewart F-7 undecorated a&b set stashed away. Someone had told me that Intermountain used stewart/kato drives on their F units and the intermountain shell slipped right onto the Stewart frame perfectly.

      The only things wrong with the shell was a yellow paint smudge in the roof and a missing lifting eye and windshield wipers. All easy fixes. I did remove the rear roof overhang with a razor saw and some filing (Canadian roads didn't have them on F-7's)

      After that all that I'll add is the roof mounted bell and a speed recorder and it's ready for the weathering shop.


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        These are handsome locomotives. I see it has a winterization hatch, an appropriate detail for the country to the north.


        Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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          Nice build Glen.


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              Very nice Glen, can't beat those Stewart/Kato drives for reliable running.

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                Thank you everyone.

                There's been a few changes to the plan.

                I was just going to add the details pictured to the F-3 set but I found an article on CN F-3's in a CN Lines magazine. I found that since the Canadian Railways were late getting into the diesel game, the fans and the singular horns on the engines are incorrect. I have a new set of low 36" fans on order and I will be replacing the horns with a three chime version.

                I did start to assemble the American Limited Diaphragms.

                Turns out they're a pretty finicky assemble and the instruction leave a lot to be desired. I ended up finding a review/ assembly video on you-tube. I also figured out that I have the wrong color. These are made in both gray and black. I should have gotten the black. However I have a friend who has the black ones and I'm getting those off him this weekend.


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                  I like seeing your attention to details like this and your interest in research.


                  Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                    Thanks Mike. Sometimes I think I might be getting too hung up on the details and research but If I didn't do it right, I'll probably regret it later.

                    Anyway, these arrived in the mail today:

                    Now the project really starts. I have to drill/cut the old fans out to mount these. I noticed that the new fans have extended rings on the bottom for mounting. I'm not sure if I will keep them or sand them down and mount the fans flat on the roof.

                    While I was waiting for the fans to arrive, I assembled the diaphragms for the F3 a&b set.

                    My friend gave me a kit that includes enough parts for 5 diaphragms for athearn F-7's. However I found that the basic parts in the kit are the same as the Stewart F-units. The only difference is the mounting plate, which I already had in gray.

                    I had to fabricate one extra mounting plate but that was pretty easy. Then I just painted them black to match the rest of the parts. I have assembled the three sets that I need and they're just waiting for the rest of the project to catch up.


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                      Hi, Glen, I continue to follow along. I've used various American Limited diaphragms on passenger cars, but I didn't know they were made in black. My gray ones work OK after airbrushing. In some cases I've re-shaped the striking plate to match a particular prototype.


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                        Hi Glen:

                        Just came across your threads. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.



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                          This is the kind of thread I search for when I start a project in an area that is new to me.

                          Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                            Thanks everyone.

                            I removed the fans from the B unit this evening.

                            I drilled them out from the inside, starting with the small bit in the twist drill and working my way up to a 7/16 bit. I enlarged the holes one size up at a time, using my miniature drill press until the bits got too large. Then I continued to increase the hole, until the final size.

                            As you can see the new fans drop right into the hole. I've started to drill out the fans in the A unit, that should be done shortly.


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                              I finished drilling out the fans and glued the new ones into the holes

                              I first airbrushed the fans in cnr green. I had planned to use the last of my True-line paint but that had congealed so I opened up my bottle of Rapido CNR Green. I was a bit nervous as I had never used Rapido's paint before but to sprayed well and matched the original paint on the engines. Another reason I'm relieved that the Rapido paint worked well is I have a couple passenger cars to repaint and I'll be using the same Green on them.

                              Before I glued the fans on I drilled and added the lifting eyes to the roof and filled the holes where the original horns and the aftermarket bell were. I'll be painting those over next.

                              I'm going to be using the three chime horn out of the Rapido engine bits package on the F-3a and probably use the roof mounted bell on the F-7a. I already painted them and they can go right on.


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                                I'm a huge fan of your latest project. That took nerve and skill to drill out those holes AFTER painting the units.