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    Thanks Frank

    While I've been waiting for Glosscote to dry, I finished up the FA-2

    I got the chassis back from my DCC guy. I had a spare Digitrax142 decoder that he used. While I still had the shell off I gave the engine crew a quick paint job. Then I mounted the shell and gave it all a quick weathering with my airbrush.

    I weathered it to match the B unit that I had already completed. I used some flat black on the roof for the infamous alco (MLW) diesel soot. And then I mostly just weathered the trucks and underbody with a mix of grimy black, rust, and dirt. These are all polly-s colors.

    coupled to the 'b'

    and passing my C-liner

    This weekend I'll probably be decaling the H16-44.


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      Really sharp!! You do great work.


      Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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        Beautiful job, Glen. :up:


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          Beautiful quality work'...professional quality paint jobs'..Your masking skills are excellent'... [^]



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            I got to read up on this build. Wow! Very cool everything done here.

            Really great job on all aspects. I enjoyed watching your pictorial.

            Thanks for sharing. Thanx Thom...


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              Thanks everyone.

              One thing that I forgot to add was that the powered proto Fa-2's came with a large cast weight that fit over the motor. Since I didn't have that I epoxied some lead sheet to the top of the shell to make up for it. It stilt is a little lighter than the factory engine but not by much and seeing as I don't have allot of grades on my layout and my trains are relatively short it won't matter.


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                Glen, enjoyed you post. Beautiful looking engines. I hate to get into stuff like this, always feel it will be worse than when I started. I have to take apart an Athearn Genesis 2-8-2 loco to add some wiring, and can't figure out how. Took the trailing and lead trucks off, but can't find out how to get the body off. I wrote to Athearn, so maybe they can help.

                Great job on your models.
                Tony Burgess

                Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.~ Brian Greene


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                  Thanks Tony. Did you try for the Mikado instructions? Maybe they have them.

                  Now that the FA-2 is completed, I got back to decaling the H16-44

                  I added the upper and lower stripes yesterday. when they dried I noticed that I did have a bit of maroon overspray on the gray so I sprayed the shell with dulcote and brush painted over.

                  On a side note I noticed that micro-scale didn't include the yellow numbers on their sheet that I will need. I might have to get their cab-unit sheet for those. I checked the black cat decals and they are of a different shade than the microscale, as are a number of other decals that I have.


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                    I finished decaling the 'H-liner'

                    I managed to use some dry transfers from CDS for the numbers. They seemed to be the closest match in color. I hope with a little weathering they'll blend in. I also removed the masking tape from the fan screens. It's starting to look like a completed engine now.

                    The pilot and front nose decals were the most difficult. They are both one piece so I had to trim the pilot decal to clear the coupler buffer and make sure they were centered.

                    I gave the shell it's final sealing coat of dulcote tonight, now it's time to start reassembling.


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                      Simply excellent painting and decaling.


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                        Fantastic locomotive modeling in all aspects Glen!

                        Louis L&R Western Railroad
                        Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                          I see stripes going in every direction. Extra fine job.


                          Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                            You're not the only one seeing stripes, Mike. I think I'm going to see them in my sleep soon!

                            I finished off the H-liner this afternoon.

                            I added the handrails, horn, mu hoses, glass and the rest of the screens. The handrails are supposed to be CPR maroon but they didn't stay that way for long so I painted them flat black with weathering to follow. The ends of the handrails are yellow.

                            I also replaced the couple cut bars. Originally they were a friction fit but I couldn't get all four lifting eyes in and lined up at the same time. I just drilled the holes out a bit larger and CA'ed them in. Now that the engine is all re-assembled, I fired up my airbrush and weathered it.

                            These engines were real workhorses in their day and got pretty dirty, pretty quickly. Most of the pictures I've seen have the anything that was originally black looking gray, more like Polly-s Grimy Black. So that's what I did. I also used Polly-s dirt on the walkways and footboards, rust on the couplers, truck springs and brake shoes.

                            When that had all dried I took it to the layout for some run-by shots.

                            I also used flat black on the roof to show diesel exhaust. And I added a brakeman to the front foot board for some character.


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                              Damn!, That's nice! Thanx Thom...


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