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Recent work on the In-ko-pah Railroad

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  • Recent work on the In-ko-pah Railroad

    I haven't had a lot of time for modeling so far this year, and what time I did have, has mostly been spent refurbishing older models. The newest structure is a through, plate girder bridge. Until now I've just had a crude temporary bridge made of wood, which has become badly warped:

    I built a permanent replacement for it. My previous plate girder bridges were all made using a structural fiberglass material called G10. This time, I wanted to try making it out of Sintra. I used 6mm Sintra for the deck and sides. The interior braces were made from 1mm Sintra. The rest of the details are styrene. I got a bit lazy on this bridge and decided to leave off the rivets -- where it's located, no one can get very close to it anyway. The underside of the bridge is strengthened with three lengths of 1/2" square acrylic tube, plus three sections of extruded aluminum angle for good measure.

    I sprayed it with red primer followed by gloss black. Then I weathered it with a thin, alcohol wash of gray acrylic paint. Then I used RustAll to create reddish rusty streaks. Next I used Sophisticated Finishes' "Iron" and "Rust Solution".

    Two of my earliest structures on the layout were really starting to show their age. The paint was faded and worn (beyond the intentional weathering). The clear plastic used in some of the windows had yellowed, fogged, and warped. Slide cover glass used in a few places had broken or fallen out. A couple signs were faded, and both structures had minor damage caused by a raccoon. One of the buildings still had incandescent "grain of rice" bulbs, which I wanted to replace with LEDs. Here are the "before" photos:

    Here are the "after" photos:


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    those last two photos look so real!!!


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      INCREDIBLE :up: :up: :up:

      Beautiful' Ray'...[^]



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        Pretty Cool Ray! All those desert expeditions really give you great reference material.

        Take the red pill


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            OUTSTANDING !!

            In addition to the great photos it's GREAT to see you posting again




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              Looks great Ray.

              "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                Wonderful improvements Ray!

                Love the last 3 pics in particular.

                Greg Shinnie


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                  Ray, its great to have you back posting again. Even your 'updating' current models is a treat as I always enjoy seeing pictures of your work. I do love the interior shots. I assume these buildings are close enough to a typical viewing spot that these details do not go unnoticed.

                  Great job as usual.


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                    You are a bad dude brother. Love your work and comments. Those raccoons show no respect.

                    When I lived in Pa. I would feed them Tastycakes and Martins Potato Rolls. They loved me. Would got thirty at a time.



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                      Thanks, everyone!

                      Eventually I will need to do some work on the next two buildings -- the bakery and drugstore. Those were the last structures I built using plastic for glass. The bakery will be tricky, due to the shape of the storefront and the fact that it's all windows. Also this building has some structural issues. I may end up just replacing it.

                      But for now I'm moving on to other things. I have a couple new buildings started, but not ready to show any progress yet.


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                        Nice the rusty girder bridge!!

                        Mother Nature sure takes a toll on garden railroading.



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                          Just catching up on a few missed threads. Your work is truly incredible. The interiors of your structures are mind blowingly real! :up: :up: :up:



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                            A thinking man's modeler. Those details come from a fertile mind. Beautifully done indeed Ray.



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                              Recently I've been working on a new building for the town of Mineral Ridge. This will be a saloon called "The Grizzly Bar". That's a double pun -- not only the obvious "bar/bear", but also there is a piece of mining equipment called a "grizzly" consisting of a series of thick metal bars used to separate oversized rocks from the rest of the ore.

                              Anyway, this saloon has to fit an odd-shaped space underneath a mine tram bridge. There will be a small covered porch or patio area attached to the main building. I'm not going to post a step-by-step at this time because I plan to use this build in a magazine article. But for now I will post a few in-progress pics:


                              PS -- On Thursday I'm leaving for my annual Nevada/Mojave ghost town trip, so I'll be offline for a while.