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    Hey Guys,

    Kinda took it upon myself to create this forum.. although I'm not as active with model railroading as i would like to be, I always seem to be doing something around the house or in the workshop. So, i would love to see whats going on in your shops, what you are doing with your machines, and tools!


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    I spotted a few tools among recent posts by members here, that I was unfamiliar with, that they were kind enough to displaye.

    First was this "Easy Cutter" shown by Sgtbob in his " structures on the LP & N " page 36 of the saga. The tool itself is available from several sources, Bob provided a link to Blick.

    A second tool was featured by Pennman in his recent "A few building on the edge of nowhere" topic, He discussed a marking/measuring tool I'd never seen before, on post #118. The INKA RULER can be found at

    You will see several forms and sizes in both Metric and SAE . Since 1/87 is defined as 3.5mm to the foot, I'll likely get a metric one. Our 1/4" folks are more likely to find the SAE tools to their advantage,

    Thanks to both of you for bringing our attention to these great tools! Santa just delivered the cutter with a little help from UPS. Ruler coming soon.

    Anyone with more ideas of specific hobby related tools, please post them up with a link for finding themh
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      We've been commenting about a tool for making Corrugated siding, This morning, I found this offering from Shapeways. Someone has already designed a corrugated die set in at least three scales that I saw. Hope this helps someone out there

      Here's links to all three sizes below

      The HO scale die set, by dimensions, it would seem capable of pressing out up a scale 5'x14' piece. The designer suggested mounting them to two blocks of wood for ease in handling. The lower block could get clamped down to your workbench, the other held like a stamp handle.
      Home of the HOn3 North Coast Railroad, along the shores of Lake Ontario.