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Connecting power to the transformer

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  • Connecting power to the transformer

    Hey guys'

    I have another question about wiring. The switch information was extremely helpful so I am going to ask again. I have run the bus line around the perimeter of my layout and attached all the feeder wires. I started and ended the bus at the middle of the layout. My question now is connecting it. I'm pretty sure I can't connect the ends of each wire (The two black wire ends and the two red wire ends) to the same input connection on my transformer (Digitrax Empire Builder II)but if I can, I would be done. I would like to know what my options are, if any.

    Thanks again for the help and advice.


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    If your red and black wires are one continuous length, like I assume you are saying, then one red end and one black end are connected to your Digitrax Empire Builder transformer.

    I take it that you have your bus wires in a horseshoe shape under the track. The best place for the DCC connects into the middle of the Bus wires. But, you can also connect it to one end or the other if you want instead like picture shown

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      Just like Louis said connect one black and red to trans former the other two should have wire nuts on them .



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        Thanks guys! That's what I was thinking I needed to do but I wanted to make sure before I started any connections. I will run a line from the middle of my bus to the DCC like you have pictured Louis.