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Deltang in a BLI C-16

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  • Deltang in a BLI C-16

    Anyone got experince putting a Deltang into a BLI C-16? Need some pointers.

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    Bart, I'm not sure if it helps but I just put a couple Del Tang units in a few loco's. You might want to check my post.

    I used the Del Tang Rx63 in Bachmann Porters and there was enough room for batteries too. It was a challenge to find the right cells to fit but in the end I worked it through.

    Placing everything in the cab allows me to run without the need for a tender.,rail,porter

    I also put a Rx 61 unit in a climax. For batteries i opted for Nimh. I found them through ebay. 1/2 and 1/3 AAA cells that fit. I made 5 and 6 cell packs.

    Everything seems reliable.

    If you are looking to hide electronics in the boiler, it might take a bit of finesse, but I would imagine not impossible.

    The difficulty is that some of these loco's have so much detail that taking them apart to insert electronics is super tedious.


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      The BL locos are DCC ready aren't they? I would have thought that wiring the receiver into the DCC socket would be the easiest, with the receiver and batteries in the tender?

      Half the pins would be redundant, you'd only need to connect up the motor and lighting circuits.

      What are you looking for ideas on in particular? Bernard Snoodyk (helped develop the system) fits the Deltang system in ridiculously tiny locomotives.
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