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    Here's a neat calculator (on the internet of course) to bookmark.

    You can easily determine where that track voltage loss is by plugging in some basic numbers. If you're running DCC, use the AC option else DC will work for the non DCC guys, unless of course you are running an AC motored dinosaur (the devil made me do it [:-devil] ). Use a couple of amps for those sound equipped units. Remember to crank the voltage down, and put your actual wire length in. Now the real consideration are going to possibly double that value you come up with.

    Why? If you are using say two 10 foot feeders from the source to the track, you have the same amount of loss in each feed wire. If, you only feed one rail with the say, 26 gauge wire, then you'll have to calculate that distance with the properties of the feed 'rail' that is the return path to the source (booster). In any event, you'll soon see the benefit (but not necessarily a cost benefit) in using a heavier feed wire. Certainly if you are running a pair to each


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